The GoldenBlue Spiral is an ambitious and optimistic project overarching my efforts in helping humanity to realize our connection to All There Is and embrace the new cycle based on Unity Consciousness and Unconditional Love.

I want to state clearly that all the opinions presented at this website are purely my own perspective or ideas which make sense to me. I never intend to claim that my version is the only truth and others are wrong. It is all meant more like “Look what is possible, if you make similar choices as I do. Use what resonates, leave the rest!”

I extend my belief and determination that we, humans, are on the right track to solve all our existential “problems” no matter how desperate it may seem. We only need to listen to those who actually see solutions more than to those who see none or resist them ๐Ÿ™‚

Throughout my blog, you will find many empowering and educative articles written based on my personal experience with the nature of reality, working with the Extra-terrestrials, Ascended Masters and other light beings as well as with many incarnated human masters!

I hope you will find them inspiring and even though many of them are literally questioning what our society has established as normal or even kind, they are designed to take the reader out of the comfort zone and spark curiosity, contemplation and imagination of how things could be done better if we had allowed ourselves to let go of our rigid self-imposed rules and allowed ourselves to step fully into the creatorship of our lives.

From my own observations and actions, I claim that life can be a beautiful and interactive experience full of joy and excitement no matter how chaotic or manipulative the surroundings can be. I demonstrate this by being a living example of my words and I am very happy to invite you to explore the infinite possibilities and fun with me! ๐Ÿ™‚

Why “GoldenBlue Spiral”?

Sacred Geometry is sort of my thing ๐Ÿ™‚ Just before the Solar Eclipse in December 2020, I connected with Danielle Rama Hoffman through whom the Arcturians sparked the initial idea of the Golden Spiral which can be used to stabilize the “downloaded” blueprints for my visions and upgrades. It resonated a lot! However, I felt like something was missing.

The Arcturians were exceptionally active around that time and therefore no wonder that the color of Blue stepped out to become part of the blueprints that I work on too (Did you notice? Blue-print? Just sayin’ :-D).

Since then, I had many “downloads” and I was amazed and amused how profound the symbolism that I was given actually is.

Symbolism of the GoldenBlue Spiral

I forgot all the meanings that I was given but here are the basic ones that I can recall:

Golden (downward) Spiral

  1. Stabilization geometry.
  2. The Energy of the Sun.
  3. Spirit expressing itself into matter.

Blue (upward) Spiral

  1. Higher dimensional consciousness, connected to beings such as the Arcturians, Tri, etc.
  2. The Energy of the Earth (The Blue Pearl).
  3. Physical body transcending the physical reality towards the spirit.

Double spiral

  • Geometry of time for incarnated person.
    • First Fibonacci spiral is a “timeline” for the Physical body.
    • Second Fibonacci spiral is a “timeline” for the Soul.
  • Connecting Sky and Earth, creating Heaven on Earth.
  • The spirals are created by a spin of MerKaBa tetrahedrons.
  • If you extend the spirals further, you can imagine them connecting and transforming into a torus.
  • DNA double helix.
  • Geometry of a spinning galaxy.
  • Sunflower ๐Ÿ™‚

The intersection of the spirals

  • In a star tetrahedron (MerKaBa), the intersection of the Sun and Earth tetrahedrons is an octahedron which was considered by the Atlanteans as the Seed of Life, containing all information and potential to become a fully grown tree, yielding fruits, turning back into a seed.
  • When you combine yellow and blue, you get green – in this case Emerald green, which is very much connected to accessing information which wasn’t available on Earth so far, supporting manifestation of evolutionary visions.

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