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My name is Michal Petr Recka and I am honored to be one of the Visionaries of the Unity Consciousness, awakening unconditional love and grounding “heaven” to Earth.

I am a light being incarnateΒΉ, embodying what people can become, if they choose to explore their full multi-dimensional potential and unique gifts.

I am a sacred architect, life guide and mentor. My mission here on Earth is to help people understand and remember who we truly are and what everything we are capable of.

Since I come from the background of very logic and mind oriented software engineering, I bridge the technical/scientific and spiritual/empiric perspectives, uniting both under the same flag of deeper understanding of the true nature of our reality. I offer people logical explanations of subjects which used to be only matter of belief to hopefully satisfy their critical mind so their heart can finally work without being disturbed πŸ™‚

I am a healer who proudly hasn’t healed anybody. I explain people how they can heal themselves completely on their own and they do! I love to empower others and it always melts my heart when someone can use what I shared to take more of their power back.

I also function as a galactic ambassador, establishing and representing healthy and mutually beneficial relationships between humans, extra-terrestrials and other extra-dimensional beings. I am a proud member of the Interstellar Alliance.

I demonstrate how powerful it can be if you connect your past, present and future into “here and now” in a non-linear way.

I love thinking outside of the box and explore areas which many can’t even imagine. You will often find me aside from the mainstream, connecting to nature, constantly challenging and pushing the limits, doing things that others believe are “impossible” πŸ™‚

Together with my friends, benevolent extra-terrestrials and council of light beings we work on building a healthier community where Unity Consciousness and state of embraced unconditional love is the standard and where the joy and multi-dimensional abundance is our claimed birthright.

I am very happy to be of service to humanity at this wonderful time.

With love,

Certification and recommended courses I’ve taken

ΒΉ Light being incarnate is basically a person who managed to embody their higher self. To embody your higher self is similar to as if one of your hairs became aware of the entire you and the role it plays in all of you. A critical component of being a light being incarnate isn’t just the awareness but also a direct continuous communication between all of your multi-dimensional parts.

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