Here, I offer some of my favorite sources of information that I particularly like and which have helped me on my awakening path. Feel free to check them out!

Favorite YouTube Channels and sources

  • Drunvalo Melchizedek – tons of wisdom and direct experience about many controversial topics (my absolutely favorite source of information between currently incarnated people)
  • Matias de Stefano – he’s sometimes referred to as a young version of Drunvalo Melchizedek. Matias didn’t lose memory as most of us, so he remembers very vividly lifetimes in Atlantis or even other star systems. He also has a beautiful series on about how universe works called Initiation and an amazing blog (you can switch to your preferred language)
  • Bruce Lipton – founder of Epigenetics, beautifully explains biology of belief and biological science behind spirituality
  • The Spirit Science – beautiful source of a big range of information, well animated, suitable also for children
  • Nassim Haramein – one of the lead Quantum Physics scientists who has all you need to connect a modern science with ancient wisdom and spirituality
  • Sadhguru – tons of wisdom and direct experience with spirituality primarily connected to the true art of Yoga

Favorite channels of light beings and ETs

  • Darryl Anka – channels Bashar, first contact specialist of the Sassani extraterrestrial
  • Tyler Ellison – channels Ryok, Sassani extraterrestrial
  • Wieteke Koolhof – channels Arjun, YahYel extraterrestrial
  • Lee Carol – channels Kryon “of magnetic service”
  • Danielle Rama Hoffman – channels primarily Thoth but also whoever else wants to come forward in the transmission (Melchizedek, Infinite Oneness, Arcturians, and many many more)
  • Daniel Scranton – channels primarily Arcturian Council, but also Archangel Michael and others.
    • I highly recommend to read his free daily channelings instead of TV news πŸ™‚
  • Saryon Michael White – channels Kuthumi, Archangel Michael and others.
  • Abraham Hicks – channels “infinite intelligence”

Favorite books

Favorite Quantum Technology gadgets

  • Somavedic – powerful devices that can create a healthy and strongly supportive environment for your growth
  • ARK crystal – crystal which resonates with the structure of space-time and therefore structures water and amplifies psychic abilities
  • Flower of Sunlight – quantum infused waveform of the Sunlight into a pendant and essential oil

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