Abracadabra: “I create as I speak”

Changing the phrases I use in my daily life has had a profound effect on my transformation and “healing”. Maybe, you don’t yet fully realize the power of the words your regularly use. And yet, the way we speak is something what is very easy to change and it can have a massive effect on the way we see the world.

If you want to accelerate your growth, understanding and especially feeling the power of the language you use is an absolute must. “Change your definitions, change the outcome.” ~ Bashar ~

In this session, I will offer my perspective on the most common phrases which we tend to use in our daily lives and which literally sabotage our efforts to rise our vibration and balance our moods. I will also discuss which other phrases we can use instead and move to more empowering ways of expressing ourselves.

The flower roots in the Darkness

In the old paradigm, there was this idea of a constant fight of light vs darkness. The new paradigm, however, emphasizes that we cannot move forward if we deny half of the Universal Design. All that which we call unpreferred is there for very good reasons and we only need to understand what these good reasons are!

This 2-hour workshop dives deep into the understanding what the role of the darkness really is, so you can stop being afraid of it, apply your unconditional love even in this area, relax more and use the entire universe in its wholeness to support you. πŸ™‚ We will

  • understand the role of the darkness in the Universal Design
  • understand the relationship of darkness with the Sacred Architecture and Physical Reality
  • look at the Atlantean understanding of darkness
  • link it all with Sacred Geometry, tapping into the geometry of pyramids
  • demystify demons and other “dark” entities
  • visit the idea of Protection and how we can be safe from anything and anybody easily no matter what (equanimity and peace vs separation and fight)
  • look at some animals for inspiration
  • have time for Q&A
  • seal everything in by a guided meditation.

Emotions – your secret superpower

Throughout history, we were tough to suppress any negative emotions as if it was some sort of a weakness or an undesired thing.

But what if I told you that ALL your emotions are equally important and just by understanding how you can use them and work with them to your benefit, they could catapult you to a completely new level of living?

In this workshop, I would like to introduce you to

  • What are negative emotions good for.
  • How to use all the emotions to your benefit.
  • How allowing yourself to feel all the emotions is absolutely key to developing your “paranormal” abilities, such as telempathy, cross-species communication, clairvoyance or even a simple manifestation and law of attraction.
  • How working with your emotions can be “that one thing you were missing to be able to heal” pretty much anything, including cancer, auto-immune diseases and other seemingly incurable imbalances.

How to work with ascension symptoms

Ascension Symptoms is a term that is overarching all kinds of issues connected to spiritual awakening and becoming more receptive to the ever-present incoming energies and higher vibrations.

An example of these symptoms can be:

  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Waking up at night, often buzzing or feeling a bit overwhelmed
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Unusual visions
  • Unusual vivid dreams
  • Feeling very hot for no apparent reason
  • Having unusual visions and flashes of memories
  • Feeling ungrounded, dizzy, lightheaded
  • “Butterflies not only in the stomach”
  • Feelings of “I’m so alone! My current relationships don’t feel fulfilling or meaningful anymore.”
  • “Things tend to blow up to my face!”
  • “I am so angry and volatile! Everything irritates me recently.”
  • etc.

Here, we will talk about what these issues are all about and how we can work with them, so it is less disturbing to our lives πŸ™‚

Introduction to Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is the basics of our universe. It is everywhere around us in a fractal and holographic way. Understanding some basic concepts of Sacred Geometry can assist you in seeing the magic everywhere you go and connect to some hidden messages that you could have been missing for a long time. Ever wondered why the extra-terrestrials leave geometries as crop circles? πŸ™‚

Some of the topics we will go through:

  • What is Sacred Geometry
  • Flower of Life
  • Platonic Solids
  • Fibonacci sequence and spiral
  • Golden Mean ratio
  • Fractal nature of the Universe
  • Crop circles

Don’t take things personally

A fun workshop to practice not taking things personally πŸ™‚ We will be exercising our ability to observe without being automatically triggered into reacting based on subconscious patterns and beliefs. We will also explore some techniques which you can use to be more in peace with anything anybody else says, does or thinks.

The ability to observe without acting is a superpower that needs to be practiced outside of the conflicts, so when you eventually get triggered, the other non-reacting options come to you automatically as well πŸ™‚

How to be a healthy person without ever stepping into a Pharmacy

No, this is not a course on online shopping πŸ™‚ It is not a discussion about a healthy diet and exercises either (although it is a big part of it).

This is a discussion on how you can unlock the radiant health that dwells within you just by remembering who you are and what you are capable of.

Nobody and nothing can heal you. You always heal by yourself. You have everything you need to heal almost any disease, including Cancer and other “so they say incurable” imbalances. And it is all readily available to you 24/7/365/… πŸ™‚ (some exceptions are discussed in the course too)

We all know an effect called “Placebo” which proves that our mind is capable of healing our own body without any effective external medicine. If we only could use this knowledge consciously … wait! Of course we can! And this course is all about it.

We will explore the expanded anatomy of our body, tap into the science of epigenetics, talk about the nature of DNA, the illusion of time, parallel realities … so exciting!

Relationships of the Future

Discussion about where we are now in terms of our relationship, where we want to get in the future and what to do or change in order to get there.

We will discuss why so many of us feel so sad when a person wants to leave us, why we are terrified that somebody could leave us, leading to jealousy and anger and fights and sometimes even a domestic violence.

We will go through several key ahaas that we need to become aware of in order to move from a unhealthy relationship which is based on “need” or “attachment” or “dependency” towards a healthier version based on partner to partner, equal to equal, co-creation and mutual respect and consent.

Because in all cases we do all the drama and trauma to ourselves by ourselves and each of us has the ultimate power to change that and step into the loving and self-caring version of ourselves which then overflows with love for others who choose to follow.

Protection and Safety in the Unity Consciousness

In the old paradigm of separation and survival consciousness, protection was something very key to perpetuating our species. Therefore, no wonder that many of our rituals and techniques that have been verified by our wise ancestors include the idea that you need to protect yourself or others, especially when you start working with the other dimensions and other beings. We need to acknowledge that protection and even fear has its special place and can be good for us in certain situations.

It is also healthy to know what you can do, should you need to protect yourself.

Yet we need to realize that the world is changing and that we no longer live in a cave and majority of people don’t need to fight for survival anymore. The context is absolutely key. So even though the protection was one of the best things our ancestors could think of, today, with the age of Aquarius and global awakening, we are remembering our true power as ultimate creator beings! And with power comes responsibility! Because as we shift from the old paradigm of separation, competition and fighting into the new paradigm of unity, co-creation and love, we need to understand what we create when we decide to prepare for fight.

In this workshop we will dive deeper into the idea of protection – when it is appropriate to use it and when it becomes a burden that slows you down. We will discuss what other ways and options we have available to stay safe and healthy while still being responsible. We will end this session with a guided meditation to help you remember your powerful state as a creator of your reality in which nobody has power over you no matter what πŸ™‚

Coaching & Guidance

I acknowledge that every single person is a unique individual with their own unique needs. It is hard to do a general workshop as “One size to fit all”. Plus understanding the general theory is one thing yet applying the knowledge in practice may not seem to be that obvious and can require a bit of practice.

The Unconditional Love and stepping into your own power based on the new paradigm is in most cases not a one time thing that you would take a workshop and then you suddenly get it all. Living in the new paradigm is about discovering and adjusting your own beliefs so you stop sabotaging yourself. It is about becoming the radiant and joyful version of yourself that you desire to be. And that will require you to exercise your infinite choice every day, every minute, every second, over and over, until it becomes your second nature.

And in many cases, we don’t see the patterns that hurt us the most because we simply don’t know anything better. Which is where a feedback from others can give you exactly that kind of a boost that will catapult you forward.

Because I have been living the way of Unconditional Love for quite some time and generally I am in contact with many other people and beings who adapted this lifestyle a long time ago, I can offer my consolidated experience and support in a form of guidance and coaching.

If you feel called to work with me and accelerate your personal growth, please contact me and lets talk how we could help each other πŸ™‚

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