As we move slowly yet steadily towards the Unity Consciousness and Unconditional Love, we are also becoming more and more aware of our connection to All There Is. We start remembering how to access the omnipresent information in the Quantum Field (or Akashic Records, if you wish) anywhere and at any time. With telepathy becoming more accessible to anybody, I was contemplating on the idea of Privacy and how it fits into the vision of new, coherent, interconnected Earth.

Perspective of my higher self

Let me start with a download from my higher self that for your convenience, I paraphrased using my favorite technique used by Matias De Stefano – as an interview:

I AM: All is one. Humans are cells of a single organism.

I: In that case, privacy doesn’t make much sense. Or does it?

I AM: It is like if your right eye didn’t want the left eye to see what it sees. In the way how people today understand it, privacy is an unhealthy projection of a different underlying issue which is being your true self.

I: Can you explain?

I AM: The idea of privacy in its distorted way roots in the Separation Consciousness when people saw each other as something separate. And that’s where they started separating even their surroundings, first starting with resources and later extending into information, data or even emotion. “This is mine, this is yours.” But because in nature, all is energy and there is no separation, once they defined the borders, it naturally crossed the inner feeling of others that there should be none. And they started fighting and raiding and stealing. Everything that was different became dangerous. People were not coherent in their own life and to feel better they started exploiting each other’s weaknesses. It is not that long ago when the most aware individuals were burnt by a stake as witches and heretics. Each of you can name many terrors of the past which would support the idea that it was wiser to fit in and not stand out. All this naturally led people to close themselves in defense and be very careful about what they show about themselves on the outside. People did their best to fit in to avoid troubles and to do so, they had to hide anything unique. Suppress their inner gifts and power just to survive.

I: But this time is now gone, is it not?

I AM: It depends. There are many individuals who identify with the victim mode so deeply that they will most likely remain in this reality of power over/power under no matter what. But this is fine as they have chosen this path. For you, and all the other awakened or open minded people, something else is going on. You are the ones who realize that it doesn’t need to be so and you are healing the wounds experienced by your ancestors as you are moving to the Unity Consciousness. You realize that diversity and being unique is a good thing. You have all the support you need, all the tools you need, all the synchronicities to guide you, so step by step, you can transform humanity to its natural state – as part of All There Is, in harmony with cosmos.

I: Realizing our connection to each other. I understand. But how should we look at privacy today then. Isn’t it healthy to not know everything? Even the incarnation itself could be seen as its own sort of privacy as I don’t see what is in my other incarnations so it doesn’t distract me.

I AM: You don’t see them, but I do. You are forgetting who you are. You are not only the physical body. You are me. You are a multi-dimensional eternal being allowing yourself to experience your creation through the lens of this particular physical incarnation. Therefore once you realize your connection to me, you implicitly connect to All There Is as well.

I: Right, I realize that more and more every day, as my awareness is expanding. So how does the privacy fit in?

I AM: Imagine your human body. What does a liver cell do?

I: Its job – being a liver cell.

I AM: And what does the heart cell do?

I: Its job – being a heart cell.

I AM: Do they need to know about each other?

I: I guess not.

I AM: Do they protect themselves from being visible though?

I: I don’t think so.

I AM: Can you see where I am heading?

I: Not clearly yet. But I assume that the idea has to do with working together for the same goal, being the best version of itself and not worrying about what doesn’t need to concern them.

I AM: Exactly. See, the entire body is in a constant communication. When one part stops communicating it causes a blockage in the energy flow and it is identified as a dis-ease.

I: That is clear. But I still don’t see the link to the privacy.

I AM: As I said in the beginning, Privacy is an incoherent projection of the basic need – to be your true self. Because when the liver cell worries about what the heart cell does, it doesn’t focus 100% on its own job. It cannot (and should not) control the heart cell. It carries baggage it doesn’t need to carry and it is weighed down by it. And because all the cells are part of one organism, if one cell doesn’t do its job fully, the other ones need to work that much harder to compensate for it. But the body wants to function and it sends a signal to all the other cells to adjust. This is how the other, coherent, cells will find out about the issue in the liver cell and it kicks in the immune system whose job is to deal with the incoherent cells. And then if I map it to your idea of Privacy, it is the same as if the liver cell then blames the transparency of the system for it being attacked by the white blood cells when it itself caused the imbalance.

I: Yes, but in our case, it feels like it is the other way around – that the coherent cells are afraid of the incoherent body response.

I AM: Did you notice which words you used? “The coherent cell is afraid”. This is a nice application of the 7 laws in practice. When you are afraid that something could happen to you. Where does your energy go?

I: Towards that which I dread.

I AM: So your internal state of being is exhaled to the outside for you to see it from a different angle – as something “external” (the law of correspondence). The law of resonance will attract more of that which is in resonance with your fear. Then you see the polarity of that which you would prefer and you realize that it is all just a consequence of the cause – you being incoherent – which then generates a response towards a correction.

I: OK. So how do we overcome this fear?

I AM: It is simple. Stop fighting against the rest of your own body. Stop worrying about what other “cells” do and focus fully on doing your own job 100%. Then the rest of the system will not need to compensate for your missing contribution and it will have a chance to relax and fully focus on their part, potentially seeing an example of how to do it in you.

I: I am still missing something. Can you summarize it for me in simpler, blunter words?

I AM: First, focusing on somebody else’s privacy is none of your business. You are responsible for being coherent by yourself, others are responsible for being coherent for themselves too. This is a pure physics of unconditional love – allow others to live their choices. Second, when you are concerned about your own privacy, you are basically concerned about what somebody else is doing with information about you, which is again distracting your focus away from you towards the others. If you become coherent, the others won’t even know about you unless they need to because you will not shine on their radar. Just like in a healthy body only the incoherent cells get the extra attention. Can you see it?

I: Yes, but you said that trying to fit in is not healthy.

I AM: This is not trying to fit in. This is you accepting who you are and contributing to the system the way you were designed for and in your unique way. Like in a puzzle, each piece has its own shape, print and place where it belongs. Without this, you can never finish the entire picture.

I: Got it. Is there any healthier way to look at privacy then?

I AM: Yes. When you are triggered by others exposing your privacy, you are being reminded that you are not true to yourself and not doing what you are designed to do, projecting it to the outside. It also exposes some unhealthy belief about yourself which prevents you from trusting your guidance and the universe as a supportive place. So if you live consciously and in a coherent way, what you consider privacy would be just the strong desire to focus on being purely you – nothing more, nothing less. And then you don’t need to protect yourself from exposing anything about you, because you are firmly in your axis. You contribute to the entire system optimally which is nothing to be worried about. You use the 7 laws in a healthy way and generate a healthy system. And when you are in that state, theoretically, nobody has the power to bring you down even if they try. Because a coherent/healthy being will always be magnitudes stronger than an incoherent/sick one. Yet practically, once you resolve the Privacy issue on the inside, it will automatically project to the outside once again. You will use the situation to learn the lesson and you won’t need to experience these challenges anymore.

I: So if I look at everything external as a mirror of the internal. If I feel that others are trying to misuse information about me, there is a high chance that I am somehow, perhaps unconsciously, still at least thinking about misusing information about others. Is that so?

I AM: Exactly. And the uncomfortable emotions and seeing the contrast of that which you don’t prefer will help you to bubble up this information from your subconscious to your awareness. Because otherwise you would have never noticed it. And also please realize that you don’t heal only your own wounds but your entire genetic tree and what you would call past lives. Which is where those subconscious patterns may also be stemming from. Remember that the universe never gives you anything you couldn’t handle. If you experience a drama, it is because you have all you need to deal with it and move forward. And when you are in doubt, I am always just a thought away.

I: Thank you.

This perspective was a bit surprising to me, but it actually makes a lot of sense. I feel that as always, we should look at the motivation why we require something like privacy.

  1. Is it out of fear? Or
  2. Is it to allow us to focus on what we need to do?

The first one goes hand in hand with my article The best protection is to not need any. Fear is a useful tool when we fight for survival. But in most cases, we don’t fight for survival anymore. In the new paradigm, the patterns which were helpful in the past become burdens that hold us back.

The second one isn’t actually about privacy but about a supportive space. You need to communicate to others your need for required space/time so you can do what you love to do. And that’s all.

“Watch your definitions! If you believe that you need to protect yourself, doesn’t it invite attack? Know that you are safe here and now and you won’t need to protect yourself.”

Bashar, Angels and Demons, 2014

Which future do you want to create?

Which one would you like better?

  1. A society that is transparent, people’s motivations are clear, people trust each other, are nice to each other and don’t fight.
  2. A society where everybody watches their back because they could be betrayed by their neighbor at any time if they are not careful.

If you are like me and prefer the option #1 more – what are you willing to do about it by yourself to get there? Can you lead by example and show to the others that truth, honesty, transparency and admitting your vulnerability is a safe thing to do? And then allow them to show their vulnerability and wounds too without mocking or judging them? Yes, you can! And I choose to do this! And by my actions, I demonstrate to others that it is not only possible but also safe to do.

If there is anything that can unite people, it is an open conversation about our experiences without denying them. We need to learn how to express our emotions. Be honest about what are our core needs and motivations. Then we will realize that we are not that much different from one another and that everybody deals with the same kind of issues, just each in our unique way given our current understanding and experience.

I deeply appreciate everybody who is not afraid to share their own personal story as an inspiration for others. Because then the others can see that they are not alone in this. And that even the most famous and seemingly stable celebrities work on their own issues.

I also deeply appreciate everybody who trusts that there is good in people and is willing to ask for help. “When the student is ready a teacher appears.”

Is there such a thing as a secret?

Now, the more we understand that we are all one and we all are part of the same organism, the more we can understand that we all have access to the same information through the Quantum Field / Akashic Records.

What that means is that if you are in a resonant frequency, you can find what you are looking for no matter if somebody tells you personally. I very curiously observe how people who insist on copyright separate knowledge into what belongs to whom will approach the inevitable situations when their work doesn’t even need to be purchased by others to access its idea. “All the answers are within!” Rings a bell? 🙂

It is not a secret that any big national institutions have been using remote viewers and other highly trained professional psychics to get the information they need. Example here.

And of course all our Spirit Guides, the Ascended Masters, even whales and dolphins, and generally anybody who already has conscious access to the higher dimensions is capable of communication through telepathy. Which means that they can tune into the information they need.

How does that make you feel? 🙂 Most people react in a way “Whoah! Somebody is spying on me?” But that is just our fear talking.

Conscious living

It all comes down to your own honor, responsibility and living consciously. We can hardly create a loving and trusting community if we ourselves keep being dishonest or act based on sabotaging unconscious patterns based in separation consciousness.

The access to universal knowledge comes naturally with the expansion of our consciousness. I personally see transparency as something beautiful and safe. I choose transparency because it is well aligned with the future I want to create. It is well aligned with my passion and unconditional love. It leads towards safe exploring of psychic abilities, complete public disclosure, more efficient collaboration and far easier communication.

Generally, the shift from the old paradigm to the new one is about shifting away from competition towards collaboration. From fear towards love. From separate towards integrated. From abusing to support.

I choose to live in a way that I don’t need to hide anything. I replace need for privacy by discernment what others need to know and what not (of course it isn’t all or nothing!). I still choose to not share a lot of information but it isn’t motivated by fear of any kind. Instead, I focus fully on being in alignment with myself and follow my wisdom, excitement and inner guidance to decide what is important or useful to share and what is not. Just like you don’t spoil the end of a good movie, don’t tell your child that is learning math the result of the equation, etc.

I apply the understanding that it doesn’t matter what happens. Only my state of being matters. And depending on what I vibrate, I will create my experience of that which I focus on. I choose to affirm myself that it doesn’t matter what anybody does or wants to do with any information about me. That my intentions, actions and experiences are loving and therefore I am always going to create reality with this vibe, unless there is an important lesson my higher self wants me to learn via a different experience – in which case it is again in my favor. So all is well. Always! ❤️

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