When I started my spiritual awakening, I was reading books from other already awakened people and almost all of them speak about some kind of protection which is “necessary” in order to not be drained, not attract evil entities, not get hurt, not hurt others … (name your own fear). Knowing very little at that time, I decided to give this idea a try and every day, I created an energetic bubble around me which would protect me from anything that could harm me.

The funny thing is that it actually worked! When I created the shield, everything was alright. When I forgot to put up my defense, something knocked me down. The confusing part for me was that now, when I didn’t manage to bring up my shields, the consequences were much worse than ever before when I didn’t even know that I should defend myself.

Now you might be aware of placebo and nocebo effects. And also, if you know me, then you are aware that I tend to disagree every time when somebody tells me a sentence which starts with “The only way how … is to …” because Infinite Choice is one of my natural “special” masteries and I can typically see many possible ways where others see none. And this idea of required protection was no different. Even though I originally bought into this idea of armoring myself every day, I couldn’t get rid of a strong feeling inside me that this cannot be the only way! Moreover, this didn’t even feel like my preferred way of being in the first place!

I started asking myself – Is this really the only way how we can live spiritually advanced life? Isolating ourselves from all that could possibly hurt us, creating armors and defense in order to be safe? This doesn’t sound like the peace that I desire. And somehow, I don’t believe that this is how the beings in the higher dimensions operate either. I have never heard any of them saying anything about necessary protection. They only speak of love and healing and the bigger picture. What is it that we are missing?

Finally later, when I was meditating at one of the peaks of the mountains in Newfoundland, I got the answer:

“When you believe that you need to protect yourself, you believe that something can hurt you in the first place. Therefore it’s the underlying belief that something can hurt you which you broadcast to the universe which ultimately attracts the painful towards you. Then, of course, if you forget to spin up your shield, it knocks you down like a bulldozer. But it’s all of your own making.”

This was a big aha moment for me because I started seeing the hidden patterns in my life and I started seeing how I am actually creating the hurtful events by myself and how I can make the “no need for protection” work. Since then, I don’t protect myself by default and I have replaced this with a different mechanism. But first, let’s review some of my well proven “guidelines” that may be required to be mentioned in order for it to make sense. If you don’t need explanations, you can skip right to the section Putting it all together.

A. There is no such thing as “Good” and “Bad”

Lioness and her prey
“Good” and “Bad” is just a matter of perspective. The lioness now can feed her cubs.

This may sound very unusual from the 3D point of view when we have thousands of years of experience with polarity and separation consciousness in its full swing. But the cycle of separation is over and we’re coming back to the Unity Consciousness when we start integrating the individual parts back into the wholeness and when we start understanding the purpose of the seemingly “unpreferred” in the flow of the universe.

What we see as good and bad is from the higher perspective only a mechanism and physics, how the universe evolves. If everything was only light, you wouldn’t see physical reality. It’s the darkness which via shadows allows you to recognize shapes and see the depth. It is the crisis which motivates us to make a change and thus evolve.

If you look back at your life and seriously contemplate on which situations taught you the most, I bet it will be some rather traumatic events. And therefore every single “bad” thing is actually a good thing because if it hadn’t been there, you probably wouldn’t have learnt that particular thing. Thus both light and darkness work together on making you the person who you are today. Therefore it is nothing to be afraid of. We just need to understand its purpose in our life.

Matias De Stefano helps us to understand this pretty well in his Gaia series ‘Initiation’ and in far more details in his blog (you need to switch to English).

It is important to realize that our judgement of Good and Bad depends on our perspective and on the time of observed events. For example, remember yourself as a small toddler struggling with your first steps, repeatedly falling down. At that time, you would consider your struggle as something bad, because it was difficult for you. But your mom was probably blissed looking at your first walking attempts. Then a few weeks later, you finally learned to walk and now even you see your previous struggle as something good because thanks to it you now know how to walk. But the universe experiences all the perspectives and times at the same time, so the judgement doesn’t make sense for it.

And the same idea can be applied to any difficult situation! “Problems” are just like gym exercises for our soul which put us through temporary struggle to make us stronger or learn something new.

B. The Sassani formula for the most fulfilling life

Sassani Group
Sassani Group. Artwork by Vasha Narada at www.vashta.com
  1. Act upon your passion every moment that you can to your best ability.
  2. Take it as far as you can till you can take it no further.
  3. Do it with absolutely no insistence or assumptions to the outcome.
  4. Stay in a positive state!

No matter what happens, no matter what manifests, because the end cap to the instructions manual is:

It doesn’t matter what happens! It only matters what you do with what happens!

In other words, the Sassani ETs from their own verified experience claim that it’s our beliefs that ultimately creates our own reality. “Change your belief and you will change the outcome” is what they say. No matter what we believe in, the universe will always support us in manifesting our beliefs. So even our doubts that something doesn’t work is according to them our 100% trust that it can go wrong => it tends to go wrong. If we replace it with 100% belief that it works, it will work. They are very confident about this concept since they claim “This is not a philosophy. It’s physics!

I highly resonate with the Sassani’s teachings. Not that I would take what they say as something holy without thinking but because they explain rationally exactly what I feel intuitively and what is in alignment with my own experience and memories “from the future”. E.g. in this transmission about why we tend to not see desired results with the “Law of Attraction” (which I highly recommend to watch in its entirety), Bashar says:

It is completely up to you what to lock on to, what to believe, what to align with, what to associate yourself with. You can on one hand say “I understand these concepts, I believe in these concepts, I will live these concepts, I am this idea. It can happen instantly, effortlessly, miraculously, wonderfully, joyfully, creatively, lovingly, NOW!, for me …”

Or you can recognize that you tend to “choose” to gravitate more to informational sources that confirm your own fear. “Well, you know, one should take their time.” “Well, you know, one has to be careful with this stuff.” Now, we understand that there is such a thing as recognizing and honoring whatever belief system you happen to have and not pushing yourself beyond it if you truly don’t believe you can. Because that would simply be disastrous.

But the idea is to understand and to clearly take responsibility for knowing that if you are aligning with someone that says “Well, you know, you can’t just go full throttle because you have to be careful, that you are not doing this, you are not doing that, you might fool yourself here, you might fool yourself there and you have to take it easy.” – If you align yourself with that, that is all well and good. But understand that you are choosing to and it has nothing at all to do, nothing at all to do, with the fact that you could change your belief and allow yourself to ride the leading edge where things manifest instantaneously. You could! But if you are not, it’s your choice. And that’s once again where you really need to be passionate about being passionate and find out why you are choosing to not ride the leading edge. You will obviously have your own reason for not doing so. Whatever that reason is, whatever you feel is the need for safety, is up to you to determine. But just take responsibility and recognize the responsibility and the choice you are making for understanding that it is not empirically true that you have to do it that way. It’s not empirically true that you have to listen to what that person is saying, as opposed to what this person is saying.

It’s just your choice. Take responsibility for it. And then be passionate about finding out why you believe what you do so that you can, if you are willing to, open up to new beliefs that will allow you to move up the spectrum and be in the violet instead of being in the red. Financially speaking.

Bashar, 2011, Channeled by Darryl Anka

And namely, regarding the topic of a protection, Bashar said is “The best protection is to not need any”. And I couldn’t agree more since it completely fits into my understanding and belief system. Because here’s the thing: If your beliefs are based on fear, it is very unlikely that you would ascend or become enlightened. Why? For the following 2 reasons:

  1. Fear is a slow vibration. It is physically incompatible with the high vibrations. Therefore holding onto fear won’t let you go up the vibrational ladder.
  2. Even if you could ascend with your fears unhealed, in the higher dimensions, the manifestation becomes far faster, you can say even instant. So if you believe that if you don’t protect yourself, something can kill you, at the moment you forget to spin up your defense, something will kill you. And it would be exactly your fear that it might happen that would actually create your killer in the first place.

This is why it is so much important to work on overcoming our fears! So we can move forward and we don’t keep manifesting our traumas.

C. Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz

4 Agreements

Don Miguel Ruiz has a wonderful book exploring the wisdom of one of the native tribes in which he summarized the 4 agreements.

  1. Be impeccable with your word.
  2. Don’t take anything personally.
  3. Don’t make assumptions.
  4. Always do your best.

I particularly love the #4 because if you always do the best you can given your current understanding, values and priorities at that time, it doesn’t make sense to be later upset about not doing something else that could have had a better outcome. Why? Because you didn’t know about that option back then! Otherwise, you would have chosen that one, nope? 🙂

D. The New Paradigm

Black & White Hands

This teaching comes from the ascended master Thoth and other beings of light with whom I studied 7 months in the Quantum Light Practitioner program. They told us that we may have memories of the falls of civilizations when the spiritual power was misused and caused a disaster. That we may have lots of unprocessed traumas from the past lives which now keep us in fear of using our power fully and using the new light technologies, so we don’t hurt anybody again.

And then they emphasized over and over that this time, it is going to be different. The new paradigm has many upgraded mechanisms in place to make sure that we cannot blow up our civilization again. The new light technologies that we work with today are upgraded versions and have intelligence of their own. And as it goes in the universe, if something is truly intelligent, it has no interest in harming anybody, because it recognizes that all is ONE and therefore it would never hurt itself.

These new light technologies are based on the frequency of love, inclusion and equanimity. We were advised to include our fear of being hurt or hurting anybody else back into the wholeness, back into the oneness for the future generations to be learned from. But according to them, it clearly doesn’t serve us and we don’t need it anymore at this point of time. The new paradigm is a completely new game with new rules! We are awakening – no more sleepwalking down of a cliff.

A wise friend once told me to ask myself every time when I’m in doubt “What would love do?” “Is it life affirming?” “Is it inclusive or is it separating and judging?”

And generally the rule of thumb for me is, when I strive to get closer to the source (ascend), I don’t want to do anything that tends to separate concepts because that is the direction how the source expresses itself and this idea goes away from it.

Unconditional love is based on complete acceptance and equanimity. As its name suggests, it has no conditions! Not even for darkness! The typical “fight of light vs darkness” which you can hear about all over the world even amongst the light workers, is still a residue of the separation consciousness in which we grew up. It is judging the darkness as being something worse than the light. But it’s not! It’s equally important. Therefore, I rather work on understanding the role of the darkness so I can appreciate what it does for us and unconditionally love it too. Therefore, I create desired unity by respecting the natural co-existence and co-creation of both polarities.

E. As above, so below. As within, so without.

As above, so below
Flower of Life. As above, so below. As within, so without.

If you are more interested in science, there is research published by the Resonance Academy and its director Nassim Haramein which demonstrates mathematics of Quantum Physics that proves the holographic nature of the universe. They showed that we can apply the same rules to all scales of creation in a fractal way. The same ideas and laws that work for galaxies and stars now also work for the quantum world.

And the science of Epigenetics led by Dr. Bruce Lipton has demonstrated that in biology, the cells can be either in the state of protection (fight or flight) or in the state of growth (regeneration). Never in both states at the same time. My understanding is that what applies to the cells on a microscopic level, applies to us on a human level too. We are a community of trillions of cells which collaborate together to make up our human body. If we shut ourselves down into the protection mode, we cannot grow. So we need to learn how to minimize the time we need to protect ourselves. Based on this understanding, I came to a conclusion that in the new paradigm, protection definitely shouldn’t be a regular practice just to be safe but rather an exceptional situation.

Putting it all together

Brave child exploring

So finally, here is what I have concluded for myself as one of possible alternative ways that I personally use to not need protection most of the time.

  1. I continuously work on my beliefs, so I actually really believe that it is possible to not need protection (understanding the bigger picture and healing my past traumas is critically important for this).
  2. I always work with the best intentions “For the highest good of all concerned”.
  3. “Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you” – this applies also to any beings that you might consider as ‘dark’. “What you put out is what you get back” – simple law of resonance.
  4. I follow the Sassani’s formula for the most fulfilling life.
  5. I replaced the need for discernment whether I could hurt somebody by a discernment whether I do the best I can and follow my passion. This lets me live in peace that I can’t do better at each given time and thus any resulting unpreferred situation is clearly the most optimal way for my growth or growth of others (I delegate control over that part of my life to my higher self).
  6. Instead of protecting myself, I openly think, feel and behave the way that I don’t need the protection. I am respectful of all the beings in the world and I am in a mutually supportive co-creation with the universe. I know that I am safe and I trust that given my values described above, whatever happens to me, happens synchronistically for my highest good. I rely on the understanding that joy and love vibrations are on the opposite side of the vibrational spectrum than suffering and struggle, therefore they are mutually incompatible just like you cannot have a single frequency that would shine both red and violet light.
  7. I continuously reflect on my behavior and language so my actions are in alignment with this belief. E.g. I don’t use the word “problem” any more. Because if I name something as a “problem”, I also create a need to solve it. But many situations often don’t even need our attention at all if we understand them the way they are – an information/event/data. This allows me to move from subconscious reacting to conscious acting.
  8. I don’t get myself involved in dramas which I don’t feel passionate about. I feel compassion with the affected people. Yet I also allow the people to go through the lessons they need to grow without identifying with them by myself.
  9. Considering all above, I refrain from doing risky things unless my passion tells me to do them anyway 🙂

I must be nuts, huh?

Now I understand that this is very hard to believe even for those who already are spiritually advanced. Many people mark me as being naive, arrogant, reckless, dangerous or just plain stupid 🙂 Yet I don’t mind because I know that it works. I have memories of how it feels and the ETs who have been helping us claim they live it every day! I recognize that humanity generally isn’t at that spot yet, but we need to start putting this idea in people’s awareness so it becomes easier and easier for future generations to assimilate this beautiful concept.

Also, I recently realized how blessed my life has been and how all the details in my life have played part in me being able to lead humanity towards this direction. I fully recognize that this is not as easy for others as it is for me. Here, I offer a small contemplation to illustrate what allowed me to trust this bold vision.

In my childhood, I almost never needed to protect myself. I didn’t need to struggle. I worked hard, but it was fun most of the time! I have always worked with good teams of collaborating people so I learned that it is safe to trust, to be open, transparent and honest and that it can work beautifully. I was able to learn from the mistakes of others too so I didn’t need to make them by myself. I started my awakening in the new paradigm which doesn’t lead people to believe that there is a fight of any kind but unifies all there is into a single huge organism in which everything has its good purpose and place. From all the past life memories that I have remembered so far, I remember rather the good things than the bad things since even in the sad memories I tend to see the essence and possibilities of those key lessons rather than the specific traumas.

Nowadays, all life synchronicities lead me to informational sources and people who support me in living a joyful life. I feel the vision in my heart and I don’t need to “re-program” my subconscious mind that much to be in alignment with this vision. With all this support behind me, it is quite easy for me to believe that protection is really not needed if one truly vibrates close to the range of unconditional love.

Yet I really do understand that this vision isn’t going to fly for many of you. Especially if your life has been shaped by struggle and fight, you might have developed a completely opposite set of core values, like “discernment to avoid problems”, “privacy to stay safe”, “fighting for that which is dear to you”. If your experience is more in this area, naturally, my vision would be very challenging for you to execute even if you believed that it is possible. And the more memories of struggle you have (conscious or subconscious), the stronger your understanding would need to be to give all of that meaning and transcend above it. And that is completely fine. The important thing is that you have something that works for you 🙂

Yet, to make my point please allow me to add one more item to your list of things you should be careful about – please make sure you don’t project your need of protection on those who might not need it, so you don’t slow down humanity’s transition towards a more joyful future. (You can always come up with new ideas to worry about and which can cause some problems.)

Anyway, if you feel like what I say is impossible, you are not alone. In fact, you are totally in a vast majority 🙂 However, for me, it feels very exciting to be positioned to explore this way of living without much struggle. It is aligned with my passion and step by step I feel a need to start introducing it into our consciousness. Fingers crossed that I will become a living example that it is safe to do so and many more will find it acceptable to follow. And if I get killed, you can say “I told ya!” 😀

Important notes!

Having said all above, I definitely don’t want to suggest that people should stop protecting themselves completely right now. Especially not, if you don’t feel that this resonates with you a lot. Please, be responsible and true to your beliefs – as Bashar said, pushing yourselves beyond what you actually believe is possible would be disastrous.

It is also not about ignoring danger and pretending that danger doesn’t exist.

The point was to show some possibly new ideas connected to the new paradigm and spark your thought processes which may help you to eventually realize that the way our society has been brought up to think in the past doesn’t need to serve us the best it can and that there are many other possible ways which you can consider for the future.

Warm and cold streams

Let me reuse Matias de Stefano’s analogy to summarize what I really mean:

Imagine life as an ocean, the light as currents which carry you one way and the darkness as currents which carry you completely another way. There is no fight between them. They complement each other. You can be afraid of the currents of darkness and fight against them, or you can understand how they work and then navigate through the ocean without any fight, respectfully and peacefully using all the currents to your advantage.

Matias De Stefano, I AM, 2020

PS: Recent Synchronicities

And just after my dream in which I was shown all these insights and which inspired me to write this article, just by a “coincidence” I received an email with Daniel Scranton’s daily channeled messages of the 9D Arcturian Council in which the Arcturians talked exactly about the same idea that protection and cutting cords can be replaced by love.

… Therefore, no matter what the reason for doing so, when you connect with another human, or an extra-terrestrial, you are living more of the truth of reality than if you say to yourself that you are going to put up a bubble or a shield, or some other way of preventing someone or something to get to you. It doesn’t work that way. You do amplify energy between you and another by giving the other your attention. And if someone is giving you a lot of attention, then send them love in response to that attention. You don’t have to tell them repeatedly that you love them, if they are stalking you, but send it.

You don’t have to defend against anything or anyone, and when you come together with others to connect for whatever reason, you do tend to feel more powerful, which is another truth that you want to emphasize, especially at this time when so many are feeling disempowered. The truth is you are powerful beings because you are Source, just as we all are. …

9D Arcturian Council, channeled by Daniel Scranton

Then my son’s mom told me that Dr. Sue Morter (another wonderful awakened scientist in the field of bioenergetic medicine and quantum field) writes about replacing need for protection by sending love in her beautiful book The Energy Codes: The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life.

… Working consistently with Generating Loving Presence will make igniting your internal love bonfire easier and easier. Ultimately, as we get the energy moving and melt all of our stuck and dispersed patterns into this flow, dropping into love and then living there will become “first nature”—as automatic as breathing. (For the health-care and bodywork practitioners reading this: blazing the bonfire of your heart when working with the energies of your clients, rather than placing a “bubble of protection” around yourself as we are so often instructed to do, is a more effective practice because the latter only affirms the duality of Protective Personality and Soulful Self.) …

Dr. Sue Morter, The Energy Codes

And these coincidences within one day are an example of what I meant when I said that the universe supports my excitement about my beliefs in very synchronistic ways 🙂 I wish you to find a belief that you want the universe to support for you too!

Love and blessings.

Additional resources on this topic

Question to Ryok: How can we prevent psychic attacks?
Ryok [channeled by Tyler Ellison]: By not creating for yourselves the ability to be attacked. Now, we will explain this.
What you consider to be an attack comes from a perspective that says:
“There is something separate from me, there is something outside of me, that is different that who I am, that can do harm to me, that can come into my reality and can hurt me, and can in and of a sense violate me.”
Those ideas are belief systems that are valid that then give rise to the experiences that one calls a psychic attack. But the ability for that psychic attack to actually take place is dependent on an individual using those belief systems in the first place.

Because ultimately, you are “all that is”. So the psychic attacker is another reflection of you. It’s another expression of your consciousness.
So it’s not really someone else attacking you. It is you, in and of a sense, attacking yourself through the experience of another.

So, we would ask the question: “Why are you hitting yourself?” and we’re saying this lovingly, as a bit of a joke. But why are you hitting yourself?

And that might seem a little silly but that’s what’s required to really ease some of that tension, to be playful with the situation, to be gentle and imaginative with the situation.

And ask yourself that question legitimately – why am I hitting myself? What would I get out of creating the experience of another person attacking me? What am I teaching myself here? What is the lesson I’m attempting to impart upon myself through this experience?

And when you get the lesson, you don’t have to keep taking the class with that teacher anymore.

So once you receive whatever the benefit is, whatever the lesson is, whatever you’re attempting to teach yourself through that situation, take action on that lesson immediately. Apply it in your life. Demonstrate it. Live it. Be unwavering in it.

And you will find those types of situations will fall away because you will have received what you were attempting to teach yourself through that experience. And you won’t need to necessarily create it anymore.

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