The more we awaken, the more we become aware of other perspectives than our own, including those that we don’t prefer. Now based on our history, this might trigger the Fight or flight response to make sure that we are safe. But this attitude is no longer necessary when we allow ourselves to fully step back into our power as the ultimate creators of our reality.

A while back, I wrote this article “The best protection is to not need any” in which I explored why the “need” for protection actually generates the attacks. Today, I would like to focus on the word “Fight”.

Acknowledging our history

I want to first acknowledge that in the past, fighting and protection were a critical part of our evolution (and on a biological level still are today, e.g. our immune system). It served us well when we as humanity weren’t conscious enough to consciously create the reality we desire. It had much to do with the genetic alterations of Annunaki and also simply with timing as we’ve just completed the “sleeping” part of the ~26,000 year cycle called The Procession of the Equinox.

However, now we are rapidly awakening and we have all we need to realize how much power we really have as awakened multi-dimensional beings 🙂 We no longer need the techniques that were the best we could think of while we were pretty much “sleepwalking”.

Taking responsibility

Now, many of us have understood that we are the ultimate creators of our experience in this reality. So let’s take a look at what we are actually doing, when we choose to fight:

Creating separation

When I choose to fight, I by myself automatically create a separation of “me vs somebody else”. It doesn’t matter if it is a fight of me vs my spouse or light vs darkness. When I choose to fight, I declare that I believe that there are at least 2 parts of the whole which can’t work together in harmony.

And because the awakening is all about unification and understanding the bigger picture, whenever I find myself “creating separation”, I know that I’m going backwards.


By choosing to fight, I typically judge the perspective of somebody else as “wrong”. This is typical for the old paradigm way of thinking in which we were not aware of the bigger picture. We were too busy by our efforts to survive and not starve to death. We definitely didn’t have much time to think about the needs of others. We disconnected from each other and established boundaries – “this is mine, this is yours” which don’t normally exist in the omnipresent unified energy field.

Yin & Yang

Nowadays, we are slowly remembering how everything is connected to everything and in fact we all are part of the same whole. Even light and darkness are both critical parts of the same whole and the universe could not exist without both of them present. There is a good reason why the Yin & Yang symbol isn’t just a white circle 🙂 If you want a deeper understanding of the beautiful role of “the dark ones” in the universal design, I invite you to consider my workshop “The flower roots in the darkness” where I go into great details.

Half moon

Generally, I could say that the “conflicting” sides each see their unique perspective and both are true for them. To give you some visual imagine a moon – a person in front of it could see a Full moon. A person behind it could see a New moon. And then they could argue about which is true and who is a liar. Or, they could simply invite each other to see the situation from their perspective and expand the overall understanding of it. If both sides are willing to listen to each other and even make the empathetic step towards understanding one another, it could have a completely different effect.

Diversity is key for evolution. We know very well that there is no single solution that works for all. Look at nature – how many species look or behave the same? It’s the humans who disrupted the harmony of nature by trying to control everything else. We need to let go of that self-sabotaging impulse and align again with the nature and the universe.

What you resist, persists

“Where your mind goes, energy flows. Where the energy flows, the momentum grows. When there is enough momentum, it manifests in the physical reality.”

Love & Hate Flowers

The more you focus on the unpreferred situation, the more you gravitate towards it. It is like if you have 2 flowers – one with the label “Love” and another with the label “Fight”. If you pay attention only to the “Fight” one and invest your energy aka water only to that one, the “Love” flower will die and the “Fight” flower will flourish.

It is a direct result of the Law of Attraction – what you put out is what you get back.

So if you experience a lot of unpreferred situations, you may explore how much energy, thoughts and emotions you “invest” into the unpreferred situations. You might find that you are actually a really good manifestor as the more you are afraid of something, the more evidence of the fearful you see. But it’s your creation! You can learn to switch your setup to a positive spiral instead of a negative one. Everybody can do that, without an exception!

Giving our power away

Imagine a typical conspiracy theory which usually has the following scenario:

“There is somebody else outside of me who is stronger and more powerful than me and who doesn’t have good intentions with me. I suffer because of what they do and I cannot do much about it.”

Woooou! Look how disempowering this belief is! Now I understand that there are in fact many real conspiracy theories. I am well aware of that. But they don’t affect me.

People often spend lifetimes by studying the conspiracies and enemies and how to fight them and how to defeat them and sue them and put them in jail and … what emotions do you feel when you even just read this sentence? It is definitely not based on love or peace.

Then people spend so much time by propagating the evil ideas and warning others and convincing others how much we are in check. At this stage, not only they disempowered themselves, but also are disempowering others as well.

And by all this effort, what they do is that they actually make the “evil part” look much stronger than they actually are. Because if many people believe that they are controlled by somebody stronger and identify with the state of fear, that’s an ideal combination for the “evil part” to actually control the people by instilling fear 🙂 So it is kind of ironic that the loudest whistleblowers are actually the strongest advertisers for the unpreferred setup. We can do so much better!

Instead of investing our energy into beliefs about how somebody else is more powerful than us, we can spend our effort on empowering and educating ourselves that no one can make us do what we don’t want unless we allow them to do so.

I know that at this point many of you will come up with hundreds of specific situations which question this – like that police can shoot you etc. But that’s talking about symptoms whereas I am discussing the root cause. The key here is that if you are responsible for what vibration you put out in the first place, you’ll never resonate with the events which could hurt you. Can you see the difference? It’s the same physics that allows the aliens to be invisible to us because they are on a higher frequency or the same physics which allows you to switch between individual channels on a TV or radio. Your vibration (or as I call it your soul-tuner) is the only thing you need to adjust/align to get out of the conspiracy’s influence.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

I’m pretty sure that you like to have the freedom to choose for yourself what you prefer for yourself. Is that right?

Can we please allow everybody else as well to have this freedom to choose for themselves what they prefer without any need to impose our solutions over them?

Of course we can talk to each other and inspire each other and care about each other. But if somebody wants to explore a different path than us, then let’s wish them well and maybe they’ll discover something useful that we wouldn’t understand from our point of view.

We can exercise our own power as creators of our own experience and even if they choose something seemingly “wrong”, it doesn’t need to influence us. Maybe they need to have this experience of stepping “sideways” to realize that that’s not what they actually want and then be that much more certain about the “better” way as they’ve tried the other way too.

My advice here for you is: focus on yourself to be as coherent and healthy as you possibly can to give others the benefit of not needing to worry about you, so they can focus on themselves too. Lead by example and demonstrate that you can co-live with others peacefully even if they have different perspectives – diversity is a good thing, remember? Show others that there is a better way and that it is easy to live without invalidating other possible ways. And then you can inspire them to choose to follow, if that’s the way they desire to live for themselves too.

Ignoring the root cause

Sometimes, we say even statements like “I fight my disease with all my power and I will defeat it!”

Well, this is yet another way of forgetting that all is one. In other words, we are denying one part of us which we created in ourselves to show us something important.

Check engine dashboard light

A disease or any physical imbalance in general is rooted in energy just like everything else and there is a good reason why it is there. You can see a disease as a warning light on the dashboard of your car which is trying to tell you that something is not working as designed and needs your attention.

For instance, when you have a headache, it can be a signal “You need rest!”, “Take care of yourself!”, “Slow down!”, “Go outside and recharge in nature!”, “Too much stress!”, “Too much resistance!”, etc.

Can you imagine what stupid things people would do if they didn’t feel pain? They would have probably killed themselves a long time ago 😀

So when you decide to fight your dis-ease, it is like being mad at the warning light which is trying to help you.

Instead, pay attention to your body! Just like anything else that you would like to fight, it probably tries to tell you something you don’t (want to) see. Now, your body is a bit different because it always wants good for you. So it is highly advisable to listen to your body. While in terms of the perspectives of other individuals, very often you will need to reach for an answer similar to: “I see your point. Thank you for showing me your perspective. No, thank you.”

Biology impact

You might be familiar with the principles of Epigenetics introduced by Dr. Bruce Lipton. The general relevant idea is that each cell can be either in the “Fight or flight” mode or in the “Growth” mode. And it switches between those 2 states based on how safe it feels (impulses from the environment, which more than anything else include your own beliefs and emotions). And our body is an agglomeration of trillions of cells, so the same transitively applies to us as a single being.

In the short term, the Fight or flight mode can be good as it can make you run from a Lion, trigger the immune system to fight a disease etc. But if you remain in the state of Fight or flight for a longer period of time, your cells cannot grow as much as they should have. Your body doesn’t regenerate efficiently, it shows marks of aging far more rapidly and your body is literally dying off.

So it is very important to realize when the threats are real and when I am making them up or making them more dangerous than they really are. You know those kinds of “What if …” scenarios that we often keep running in our head but are not real.

As an example that I see quite regularly – how many of you are afraid of snakes, spiders and similar animals? And how many of you actually have any dangerous snakes or spiders around you? 🙂

The context is key – it doesn’t make sense for me to be paralyzed by fear of something that could happen when I know or at least understand, that there is a very little chance of it actually happening and when I know that there is a lot I can do to avoid those situations altogether.

Just like there is a chance of dying in a car accident (which is by the way usually much higher than any of the other fears we have), you can trust in your ability to do well and simply rely on the law of attraction to avoid manifesting these hurtful events in the first place.

Self defense

As always, I would like to spend a moment by acknowledging that active self-defense is totally advisable when you are under a direct physical attack. But that doesn’t happen that often and again it is merely a consequence of a momentum that we had been building for a long time before that.

Also, our soul can choose to have some extent of “unpreferred” situations to give us certain experience and background which is beneficial for what we need to learn and demonstrate in a given lifetime. In that case, if you think about it, it isn’t unpreferred any more and it actually serves you well.

For example, I had to go through quite painful break ups to realize how much my well-being depended on an acknowledgement from somebody else. And now I have enough experience to help more effectively others with their unhappy relationships.

Or if you chose to learn how to forgive and claim your sovereignty, somebody first needs to do something very mean to you, so you have something that you can forgive in the first place.

Yet in many cases we are just inflating the unpreferred situations to make them seem far bigger than they need to be. And by doing so, we then get ourselves into a loop of “fear -> manifesting fearful -> more fear -> manifesting more fearful -> fear”.

Loop of manifesting Fear


I hope that I have managed to illustrate how by fighting we by ourselves actually create a conflict and we literally hurt ourselves.

The only way (that I know) to stop any fights and achieve peace is by literally ceasing the fights – and I am totally willing to be the first one to drop the weapon to show others what to do, if that is not clear 🙂

I choose unification over separation. I choose to see a bigger picture and give myself a chance to understand the other perspectives that others want to show me. If something doesn’t resonate with me, I simply say “No, thank you.” and without invalidating it, I let those perspectives be for those who need or wish them for themselves.

I see diversity as a good thing and I am grateful for others exploring the things I don’t prefer, so I don’t need to explore them by myself. And then the universe still has the experience “how that would feel” and can continue growing and evolving while I can focus on exploring my own unique path.

Remember that unconditional love has no conditions. And if there is no condition to love anybody, there is no reason to fight anybody either 🙂 And that’s the most empowering state you can be in! When it doesn’t matter what happens around you and you can still live happily without ignorance or invalidating anybody else, that’s where you are the most powerful co-creator of the universes. And that’s where humanity is heading in the near future!

Loop of manifesting Love

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