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I came across Somavedic by a pure coincidence when my mother visited a clairvoyant lady in the Czech Republic and after her session she asked her “I can’t help, but the green lamp you have over there feels so good! What is it?” What she heard was fascinating enough for her to tell me about it. And since I prefer having my own unique experience, I decided to give it a try. To give you a better picture, I must say that I have fallen in love with it. In this article, I will share what is so special about them on top of what is usually publicly “advertised”.

First, what is actually this Somavedic?

It is a beautiful device which combines ancient wisdom of our ancestors, in terms of working with energy and matter, with cutting edge research in the field of Resonance Therapy and Quantum Physics. It leverages understanding that on the subatomic level, all is just energy and vibrations, just like Nicola Tesla predicted. It can plug into the unity quantum field and from there it can effectively deal with many kinds of root causes which typically make people unwell and so much more.

In short, Somavedic creates a healthy and supportive multi-dimensional environment where you can live, grow and thrive.

It creates a protective sphere of 100-200 feet in radius, penetrating through the walls. So a single unit can cover your entire home!

Somavedic will support your growth on all levels, physical as well as metaphysical. It will detoxify you, boost your energy, improve your sleep, help you with headaches, improve your health, enhance your psychic abilities and generally support you in becoming the best version of yourself.

If you want to get rid of consequences, you must first get rid of causes

If your basement gets constantly flooded, it doesn’t help to keep bucketing the water away forever. You need to stop the leak first. Similarly, if you keep getting health issues, you cannot just keep taking drugs to suppress the symptoms.

Somavedic’s primary function is to neutralize the harmful effects of electrosmog (electromagnetic radiation including 5G) and geopathic stress which are 2 most frequent root causes for health issues which people can’t easily influence on their own (unless they know how to use e.g. MerKaBa or any other non-physical techniques).

Electromagnetic Spectrum
Notice how close are wavelengths of cell phones and microwave oven. One of them can burn your food pretty quickly. The other one has more long-term effects πŸ™‚

Supportive Environment

Even if you are a great healer or a sportsman who takes care of your body regularly, it makes a huge difference whether you live in an environment which slows you down or which supports you in what you do. Creating a supportive environment is what Somavedic excels in.

Layer by layer, supporting your well-being

Once your environment is stabilized and stops draining you, Somavedic works on your physical body. Therefore, people can go through detoxification stage in the beginning as their body starts getting rid of what it doesn’t like.

When the physical body is cleansed, Somavedic goes deeper – to your energy system. It clears and balances chakras and helps you to deal with the blocks in your auric levels.

Once your energy flows freely again, your natural regeneration process is restarted and you automatically become healthier.

I could see it clearly on our son who used to be sick every 3 weeks or so during winter season. When we got our Somavedic, he first went through a detoxification stage when he would get sick a bit more but after about half year, he has been sick maybe twice in 1.5 year! What a difference!

Note: if you want to boost your natural regeneration process even more, I recommend to watch this beautiful lecture by Dr. Bruce Lipton about Epigenetics and biology of belief.

Structuring Water

One of my favorite features of Somavedic is that it can change properties of water, so it becomes healthier. And not only the drinking water! Remember that it has range of 100-200 feet in radius? Thanks to the non-chemical way, it also tunes into water inside your cells, inside your plants, your pets, your blood, etc. and takes your health to yet another level! Your body is ~70% water, so it really makes a difference. We regularly get feedback that flowers suddenly grow better, people get smoother skin after a while and similar beautiful news πŸ™‚

And I simply fell in love with the taste of structured water. Once you try it, you’ll never want to go back to unstructured water πŸ™‚

Meditation, Psychic Abilities and Spiritual Growth


Since I am fairly sensitive to the subtle energies, when I got my first Somavedic, I could immediately feel a pressure on my third eye. I could see a purple aura around the device and I knew that this isn’t just an ordinary lamp!

My meditations got deeper. I have become more aware of life synchronicities and my spiritual path has accelerated dramatically.

All the problems that we swept under the rug started bubbling up and we were kind of forced to face them and deal with them for good.

Somavedic is designed to help people to resolve their challenges in the most efficient and cost effective way. If you are serious about your personal evolution, it will give you a great boost!

It has the ability to speed up your karmic lessons too. So be ready to face resolution of even deeper root causes which kept holding you back even though they might originate in a different lifetime. It’s simply how energy works. Time and space is not a constraint.

It is a supportive tool, not a doctor!

In the end, it is always only you who has the power to heal yourself. Only you have the power to change your harmful attitudes, beliefs and habits which are typically the true root causes for your health problems. If you are not willing to work on yourself, Somavedic will give you only a fraction of the benefits it can. It will still create the healthy and supportive environment for you, it will probably reveal to you what issues you need to deal with, but the key decisions will still be your step to take.

People really need to take back the ownership of their own health! Take their power which they gave up to doctors and pharmaceutic industry back to them! The Coronavirus has shown this beautifully to the world, that the solution to good health isn’t in drugs but in a conscious and healthy lifestyle. People need to stop suppressing the symptoms and instead deal with the causes which weaken their natural immune system.

Somavedic can be understood as an amplifier of your positive actions. The more positive actions you take, the more support and benefits you will experience. On the other hand, you won’t get any Somavedic’s support in anything what doesn’t serve you well.

Auto updates

The Somavedic’s ability to connect to the quantum unity field allows the devices to be continuously “upgraded” by the manufacturer. This way, it can always deal with any global changes, like new radiation, new viruses etc. Therefore you can really just plug it in and forget about it. It always works at its best.

Ok, but how does it work?

If you have 2 magnets and put them together with the same poles, they repulse each other. If you just flip one around, they suddenly connect and the entire magnetic effect is magnified. And each material has its unique properties, although it may not be that obvious to the naked eye as for magnets.

The inventor simply figured out how to position individual crystals and precious materials into a sacred geometry configuration so the components start working pretty much as a “Flinstone computer”. One crystal becomes a processor, another becomes memory, another source of energy etc.

This is a right brain technology which allows to plug into the ever-present consciousness, aka the unity quantum field and interact with it to balance the environment automatically. Very similar technology was used in advanced ancient cultures. Humanity starts remembering and “re-discovering” these technologies again and Somavedic is one of the best ones out there at this moment. Yet, this is just a beginning.

The power cord’s function is then to ground the energies to the Earth to cleanse any undesired collected energies. Given the nature of crystal technology, it works no matter if it is plugged into the wall or not. Just if you unplug it, its efficacy goes down from 100% to ~60%. But it still works. So even if the device breaks or stops shining, it still technically works.

How do I know that it isn’t only placebo?

First of all, everything which can be physically measured has been measured and Somavedic obtained 5 certificates by 3 independent laboratories which prove that it works. Right now it is also being under even stricter tests to be proven as a medical device with so far promising, although not-yet-ready to be published results.

In terms of the metaphysical benefits – you can read through the testimonials, ask somebody who already owns it, or simply try it by yourself and have your own experience.

My favorite model

There are so many models these days and it may be a bit tricky to choose. Of course, Somavedic Gold is the best one, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a first device to have, unless you are certain that you want it.

My favorite model is the Medic Green Ultra (as of 2023 replaced by newer version Vedic). It is a strong, well balanced and universal model which gives you majority of the benefits of all the other models. It will reliably protect you even from 5G, it beautifully structures water and it balances all chakras. Green color is also associated with healing. I think that if you take the price-value ratio and what you really need, the Green unit is the best you can get.

There are also the Amber models which are 4x stronger than the Green one, but honestly, they are not needed unless you literally have a broadcasting 5G tower right in your garden. And even then, I believe that the Green one should be strong enough to have you covered. If I was thinking about a higher model than the Green one, I would personally rather save more money for the Somavedic Gold.

Somavedic Medic Gold

Somavedic Medic Gold

I want to give a special attention to the Gold model, because there is not much information out there about what it is really capable of and therefore people rightfully don’t understand why it is so expensive.

We want to respect the discernment of the manufacturer about making some information official only when more people are ready to understand it, so we also don’t share much at our website. But because this is my personal blog, I can put here my opinion relatively freely πŸ™‚ And I want to emphasize that this is my understanding based on my own experience.

The Somavedic Gold is the pinnacle of Somavedic Technologies. Not only it can do all that the other models, but it is many times stronger than all the other models. My guess is that maybe even 4x stronger than the Ambers, or 8x stronger than the Greens.

It can structure water even better! If you have one at home, you can try it – put 2 water battles with the same water next to it and label them (whether physically or simply via intention) to belong to 2 different people. Somavedic Gold then changes the water to be customized and optimal for the labeled person! This was actually discovered by accident, when a married couple did exactly this and then they accidentally swapped their water bottles. They realized that they suddenly didn’t like how the water tasted. After swapping the bottles back to their owners, they each liked their water again. Somavedic Green Ultra and Amber can do this too, just the higher model, the better it can do it.

The real reason why it is so expensive is however because it is completely customized to the owner. When you order your Somavedic Gold, the inventor uses his clairvoyant abilities to tailor the device to your entire genetic tree! This way the device has a far more powerful effect on you personally and as a side effect also on your entire family – your children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, etc.

Hey what?! A single device can give your entire family a boost no matter on where they are physically located on Earth? Yep. That’s the beauty of working with unity field πŸ™‚ Distance doesn’t matter.

We have our own Somavedic Gold in Ontario in Canada and since we got it, our families in the Czech Republic started reporting changes in their lives. Of course, if they don’t have their own Somavedic at home, it is working with them only on the energetic level, which takes a while until it gets projected into the physical reality. But if they have at least the weakest Somavedic model at home, the entire effect magnifies.

We have witnessed many dramatic changes in our families. Previously ignored long-term issues started bubbling up to the surface even for them and as they faced them and resolved them a bigger sense of peace came to their homes too. We also feel more connected now πŸ™‚

How to get you own Somavedic?

You can explore which model resonates with you the most at the official website of Somavedic Technologies. If you find your favorite, you can place your order directly in their e-shop.

About the prices

Somavedic is definitely an investment that needs to be considered wisely. If it doesn’t resonate, simply forget about it. I see its tremendous value and potential and we believe that those who resonate with it will spontaneously be drawn to it, since that’s how the law of attraction works.

It is an investment into a healthy and supportive environment 24/7. The company guarantees 5 years warranty and people can return it within 2 months if they don’t like it.

We got used to spending thousands of dollars on things like a new car, TV, furniture etc. But for some reason we still have a long way to go before we learn that investing into our health is maybe far more beneficial than investing into any of the other material things we think we “need”.

I personally feel that the real value is actually much higher than the charged cost. But I appreciate that Somavedic Technologies keeps the prices “low”. There are far more expensive devices out there which can do only fractions of what Somavedic can do. For me, the value of my health, growth and evolution is priceless and I am very happy that I decided to give it a chance.

Having said all that, you can use code “GoldenBlueSpiral” during the checkout to get a 10% discount.

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