This article follows up on My few words about Unconditional Love

I’d like to discuss one misunderstanding when people who live in the state of Unconditional Love are sometimes labeled in a way “What an arrogant person! (S)he doesn’t give a shit about anything.”

Especially for people who are in the lower parts of the vibrational scale, Apathy and Unconditional Love may be hard to distinguish. The people may seem to behave similarly yet the reasons behind their standpoints are completely different.

For an apathetic person the reasons for the behaviors described lower are always the same: They gave up. They don’t care. “What’s the point? We are all victims of XYZ anyway.” and similar. They are all driven by despair.

But for a loving person the reasons are way different. Consider these examples:

a) Problems of others don’t seem to bother them

because loving people fully accept and respect other people’s lessons and paths. They simply allow them to have their own experience and to grow through the challenges by dealing with them in their own unique way and in the pace they need.

b) They are reluctant to directly help others

because they think twice if what they are asked for is really beneficial to others in a long-term.

If you have children and do always their homeworks for them, they will have big challenges with learning the matter by themselves and struggle later in their life.

Loving people don’t want to take over other people’s responsibilities and rather encourage others to take ownership of their own lives.

Instead of giving people a fish, they show them how to catch the fish by themselves which is in most cases far more useful and removes any dependencies on other people.

Sometimes the ask for help can also simply be in a contradiction with their own core values. And one of the basic things everyone needs to learn is to always be true to yourself and not sacrifice your own values just to satisfy somebody else. It is through a diligent self-love when you can grow so strong that your love can overflow to help others more effectively. Otherwise you may end up being exhausted in a loop of doing what others expect from you, ultimately helping them less than you could if you were strong and loving. Even on a plane they always preach – put your own mask first before you try to help others.

c) They refuse to complain with others

because getting out of the victim mode is one of the first challenges people overcome on their path to love and joy.

They typically have very fresh memories of how they suffered while they had been in the blaming mode. They know that it didn’t work for them and that hate generates only more hate. The have grown up beyond this limited view and see no value in diminishing themselves back.

Instead, they typically offer different perspectives – based on which they are often marked as “completely nuts” by those who have never seen the “ocean” and continue living in an aquarium πŸ™‚

Vibratory scale

People usually safely recognize only that what matches their own experience accumulated so far. A typical person who hasn’t overcome blaming of others for their misfortunes (notice that blame is almost at the very bottom of the scale) doesn’t understand the bigger picture at all. And therefore they cannot even imagine any other reasons for the effects they see than the Apathy’s simple one “I don’t care about anything. I give up.”

This is by the way one of reasons why people who start growing up the vibrational scale tend to be “grounded back to reality” by their families and friends who choose to remain low. From this very reason it might be advisable to stop sharing your experiences with people who tend to hold you back until you have enough experience with what you believe in and become more stable in your stand point. I’m not saying be ignorant, but be aware that it is your life and only you should be responsible for what you do with it. Other people can inspire you, but they shouldn’t put limits on you, let alone bring you down πŸ˜‰

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