How many times did you hear about Unconditional Love being the best state you can evolve into? Many times? And how much clarity do you have about what it actually means?

Since we grew up in a separation consciousness it is very hard for us to even imagine what this unconditional love really means. Even if we have some logical idea about what it is, very few of us had the honor to actually experience how it feels. We can tap into the feeling in our meditation or a hypno-therapy session or any other kind of trans. Some people tap into the feeling when they use psychedelics. But the fact is that until we evolve into the Unity Consciousness, it will be only a temporary visit for most of us.

In fact, if you truly see a person who is completely aligned with the higher self and in love with all life at all time, you will probably think that (s)he is high or nuts πŸ˜€

But the times are changing and I foresee that within next 20 years we will go through a dramatic change in our consciousness that will make the unconditional love a completely natural thing for all of us. But for now, I would like to share my perspective about what the unconditional love is and what it is not.

Thoth’s analogy

Red Color in Glass of Water

Imagine a glass of water and red food coloring. What happens if you put a few drops of the food coloring into the glass of water? It completely saturates it and the water becomes also red.

Next, imagine that the water represents the level of your consciousness and awareness and the food coloring represents fear. If your consciousness is limited and narrow, like the glass of water, the fear then completely saturates your view of reality and everything you see becomes fear-based. If you are in this state and you don’t want to experience the fear, you can try to ignore it, or deny it or spend your entire life by fighting it and trying to get the food coloring out of the water. None of these works well in a long-term though.

Now what happens, if you put the same food coloring into the ocean? By expanding your consciousness and understanding the bigger picture of the reality you live in, you can include the experience of fear into all there is without having any noticeable effect on the rest of your life! It is still there but you understand the role of it and because you see all the other good things too, you don’t need to fight it.


Scale of vibrations

Let me introduce you to a scale of vibrations according to David R. Hawkins:

Vibratory scale

Take a moment to explore the table. Find Love (this is not a romantic love but the unconditional love) and notice which steps do precede it. You cannot be long-term in a state of Love unless you already understand the states below it.

People typically first need to have a courage to take ownership of their life (get out of a victim mode), start trusting themselves and become observers of what is happening in their life from a neutral point of view (meditation is a great tool to achieve that). They manage to step back and stop automatically acting upon every single impulse and they realize that they can choose how they respond to any situation.

The more they realize that they have power of the infinite choice and that it is up to them how they interpret whatever happens in their life, the more they realize how badly they used to treat themselves and become willing to see what other options they have. They typically decide that they want to live in an environment based on trust, love, forgiveness, acceptance and mutual respect. And they start making more choices which bring them joy and self-love. They become more “themselves” which naturally attracts the desired positive environment closer to them.

Last Puzzle Piece

By now the original victim mode is mostly overcome and people start deeply understanding that they can shape their own reality by everyday choices they make no matter on what others do or what others want. And most importantly, they become aware that this applies to everybody else too. And the bigger picture how everybody’s conditioning and decisions create the huge puzzle and the current experience people have, starts getting clearer and clearer shape.

It is the understanding the bigger picture which allows them to easily accept everybody exactly as they are because they have already overcome the lower states and they know the kinds of challenges others face and why things tend to happen to them. The more they are aligned with their own purpose, the more they naturally overflow into a state of Unconditional Love for everybody else too.

So what is the Unconditional Love?

To recap what I just said, based on my understanding, people who manage to get to the state of unconditional love simply have been able to expand their consciousness and understanding of our world so much that they now live in the ocean instead of inside a glass (see the Thoth’s analogy). Even a canister of food coloring (fear) then doesn’t make any difference in their ocean full of possibilities. They live in resonance with their higher self. They see the harmony of all there is. They understand why unpreferred situations happen and how to look at them in a positive way. Their experience of this world is dramatically different from the experience of people who operate on the bottom of the vibrational scale.

People in the state of Unconditional Love understand that everybody is unique, yet in unity with all there is. Thoth calls this “individualized oneness”. Each of us comes from the same source. Whether you believe in a purely materialistic big bang theory or a religion based creationism or anything else, there is always the unity in the beginning of the process out of which everything in existence is formed. We are all interconnected with everything. We are one. Even quantum physics has proven this by now.

If you want to understand the physics which supports this idea including precise calculations, I recommend to explore Dr. Nassim Haramein and his Resonance Academy.

On the other hand, each of us has a unique contribution to the world. Each of us has our own background and environment, therefore inevitably different experience and point of view. These different perspectives is what keeps expanding all there is all the time and why creation happens in the first place πŸ™‚

Simplified explanation of Unconditional Love according to Matias de Stefano

Separation Loop

If you are the one who is on the way back to the source and even if you absolutely know that something like source exists, there are still gonna be people who have just separated from the source and they (pardon my French) don’t give a shit about coming back to it! They have come to Earth to forget the divine part of them and experience the creation in a full swing.

You can imagine it as if you create a virtual reality video game. Then you forget about being a software developer, put on the VR glasses and immerse yourself into the game you created. Then you eventually explore it well enough and start thinking about taking the glasses off (remembering stage).

If you understand, that at every single time there are people who are at different stages of the loop, with their own paths and their own ways of achieving things, and you respect and accept them the way they are no matter on where you are in that loop, then you have tapped into the Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love in relationships

If you are curious about how you can apply unconditional love to the relationships, check out this article.

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