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It all started with my sister πŸ™‚ I was still a child when I heard that she could see “ghosts”. I didn’t pay much attention to it back then but much later, her little son could see them too and much much later my son could occasionally see them too. But this remained a mystery to me until about 2012.

Discovering past lives

For some reason I stumbled upon a Facebook post which claimed “We choose our parents”. I opened the article which lead me to the website by Bernadeta Hodkova. It was there where I discovered studies of Dr. Michael Newton, a pioneer in the field of Hypno-Therapy. The website contains many interesting videos but this is the one that caught my attention the most:

Michael Newton is one of the first people in our modern time who has discovered and documented a reliable way how to bypass our conscious mind and tap into the subconscious or even superconscious mind using hypnosis (read guided deep meditation to describe it more accurately). In the subconscious mind, people have access to their distant memories like when they were in mother’s womb or even further – memories from their past lives. The superconscious mind has access to memories from between the incarnations and this is where things get the most interesting. He published his findings in his books Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls, Memories of the Afterlife, etc.

I will write a separate article just on the profound discoveries in this area later. But the bigger picture I got about life from these books was completely life changing for me. The highlights however include:

  • We are immortal spiritual beings having a temporary human experience (not the other way around)
  • Death is not a disaster. It is just a transformation from physical realm to the natural home of our soul.
    • it can even be celebrated as an (usually) successful completion of the current incarnation, similarly as you would celebrate finishing a year of study at school
    • the soul is immediately re-connected with its full memory and potential and typically feels very relieved
  • Light beings are real and there are many different kinds of them
    • yep, my sister isn’t crazy πŸ™‚ Quite the other way around – she had a gift to have her vibrations naturally so high that she could tap into the other dimensions spontaneously. Many other people have to practice for years to get to that level.
    • children can very often see them as they are still very much in touch with the spiritual world and other dimensions.
  • Before we incarnate, we commit to certain goals to achieve in the upcoming life so we continue to grow. And to have the optimal environment to do so, we ourselves choose:
    • our own body
    • the date and time when we’ll be born
    • the place where we’ll be born
    • our parents
      • so stop blaming your parents for your misfortunes πŸ˜‰ You chose them for being exactly the way they are.
    • the milestones and signals in our life to guide us
  • Each of us has at least one spiritual guide who helps us with our lives.
  • Everything that happens in the universe happens for the highest good
    • the books are actually full of specific stories on this topic and it is so liberating to see the real reason why all the tragedies happen
  • Karma is real
    • when somebody mistreated others in their past life, the soul typically volunteers in the future life to experience the same as what (s)he caused to others to learn how it feels. There are no accidents.
  • A lot of health issues (including mental or emotional health) can have roots in your past lives.
    • in that case, the physicians will obviously find nothing wrong with you, yet it is very real for you.
    • the hypno-therapy can process these past life traumas in a way they stop being traumatic and therefore bridge your past, present and future to heal yourself in a very profound way.

Note that there are many great books on this topic like Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss etc. Past life regression and Life between Lives regression has been widespread into the entire world by now and thousands of people leverage the healing power of

Birth of my son

When we were expecting a baby I was determined to become the best father ever πŸ˜€ So I started looking into various tips about how to work with children. A very interesting book that I read was The Continuum Concept: In Search Of Happiness Lost. This book describes how families work with their children in one of the native tribes in a natural way. In the end of this book I found a reference to a book Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing. I learned that Caroline Myss, the author, is able to intuitively guess a very precise diagnosis of given person, no matter where the person is currently located, just by knowing his/her name and date of birth (to identify the person). Caroline claims that anybody can train their intuition to be able to do the same. This was very exciting news for me because I knew that my future son wouldn’t speak anything meaningful for another 3 years or so. The idea of intuitively understand what he needs was good enough motivation for me to start studying this direction.

Moving to Canada

As I was reading the Caroline’s book (I must admit it isn’t the easiest book to read) I started having inexplicable feeling that I should get out of the country where I had lived at that time (Czech Republic). I couldn’t explain that feeling and I didn’t have any good rational reason to leave, but the feeling was getting stronger and stronger. I was thinking which countries I would like, such as New Zealand or Switzerland but I didn’t pay much attention to it as I couldn’t see any reason why I would leave. In the meantime, I was working on arranging a mortgage to buy a house.

I remember the event like yesterday – I was sitting in a tram on my way to work and I just finished reading the book. I closed it and looked outside of the window. You know how your brain thinks of all kinds of scenarios what you would say when you would encounter a certain situation? Completely automatically a situation came to my mind when I was explaining to my manager “Look, I’m not going to finish testing of this feature, because I am moving to Canada.” As soon as I realized what had happened, I shouted in my mind to myself “Wooooou! Wait a minute. Where did that come from? I completely forgot about Canada before and it never even crossed my mind. But now as I was thinking about it … it actually sounded like a very good idea!” Based on my knowledge, Canada was a beautiful and modern country full of very nice people with English being its primary language. That was all I was actually looking for. I quickly realized that this was my higher self / intuition call in its full power and it was so clear message to me that I had absolutely no doubts to follow it. I very carefully suggested the idea about moving to Canada to my wife and to my surprise she didn’t object at all πŸ™‚ So it was decided.

I came to my manager the other day and told him that I will quit my work because I want to move to Canada. I had no idea where (I was thinking of British Columbia due to its beautiful landscape and mild climate) but my manager asked me “Why do you want to leave NetSuite, if we have a Canadian location?” I said “No, there is nothing, or is it?” He said “Yes, it is in Waterloo.” “What? Waterloo is in Europe. There was one of the battles of Napoleon Bonaparte.” “Yeah, but I mean the Waterloo in Canada. They just copied over a lot of the European names for their cities, maybe so they don’t feel that homesick.” I double-checked our website and sure enough, our company had a subsidiary right there. So I asked my manager, if I could relocate to the other location within the company. They had to explore this option but it turned out that the people in the other location were very happy about this idea. As the synchronicities were getting stronger and stronger – like if the life really wanted me to go there, the company arranged my visa and I didn’t even have to look for a job. A few weeks before my move a Canadian tech writer joined our team so I could get a lot of tips about a daily life in Canada. She was eventually fired a few weeks after I moved. But the timing for me was perfect.

One of the last things I did in the Czech Republic was that I went for a past life regression session by myself – to experience what it is like and to confirm that my belief is not based on fakes. I came to a healer for whom I got a recommendation from Mrs Bernadeta Hodkova. The hypno-therapy was only one of many techniques she knew. She was also able to “download” information about her clients from the Akashic Records to make her sessions more effective. She asked me right away
She: “Whom do you have in Canada?”
Me: “Nobody, I just decided to move there, why?”
She: “No, I feel somebody very close to you is there. Are you sure you don’t have any brother or sister on anybody there?”
Me: “No, nobody that I am aware of.”
She: “Anyway, you belong there. You are doing a right thing to move there. You have a karmic mission there.”
Then we continued with the past life session itself. The session connected quite a few dots between events in my current life and the karmic sources in the past life. I confirmed the past life being real when I remembered the emotions connected to the unjust execution of my wife in that life. After the session I sat down in a nearby park and cried over the ancient memory. It felt very real to me.

After all of that, I knew for certain that I am on the right path and I felt very happy about being able to listen to and trust my intuition and feel safe to do such a big life decision as even changing a continent for no obvious rational reason.

Understanding multi-dimensional anatomy of a human body

I was hooked and with every book I read, my perspective of all there is just kept expanding. After reading all Michael Newton’s books, another book came to me: Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field by Barbara Brennan.

Barbara is a scientist who has been very sensitive. She could see human auras since she was a child and she developed a technique which she calls “higher sense perception”. What this means is basically to raise the consciousness into the higher vibrations when you can tune into the different dimensions and then learn how to perceive the information with all your senses. Some people can see the energy, some people can hear it, some people can feel it, etc. She can do all of that. Plus she learned how to very clearly communicate to her spiritual guide. All this gave her very similar abilities as what Caroline Myss but I’d say far more practically explained.

It was in this book when I first learned about several levels of auras, universal energy field, multi-dimensional anatomy of human body and the relationship between the different layers. I have learnt that body is just a holographic projection of consciousness that works on all dimensions. And therefore when somebody has a health issue, it can typically be seen in the auric field as an imbalance way before the person can see it. If not treated, it will actually manifest in the physical body.

I have also learnt that any disease can be healed, no matter how bad it is – including cancer or badly connected bones. If you fix the human body in the auric levels, the body just follows. It is like if you want to change a shape of a shadow – you can’t go to the shadow and try to change it. You change the object that casts the shadow. Physical body is like that shadow while a soul is like the object. Therefore if you change the energy field, the physical body has no choice than to follow.

I have learned that if practiced, all these skills can be learned by anybody. Some people can be more talented than others, but everybody has all they need to do it. And everybody has all they need to heal themselves right within themselves!

I started practicing observing human auras.


It didn’t take long until my rational mind requested a hands on experience with the energy work so I could again verify that I am not misleading myself into some bullshit. So I attended Reiki courses and eventually I have become a Reiki Master Pracitioner. I have learned how to work with energy, how to center myself to become more stable and grounded, how to shield myself from anything undesired, how to ask higher beings for help, how to put my ego on a back burner so it doesn’t interfere, how to send energy to others and therefore indirectly how to facilitate healing. It is like a first aid kit that you always have “on hand” πŸ™‚ It is even in our instincts. When you get physically hurt, the first thing you typically do is to put a hand on it. There is a good reason for that. We used to know how to heal the injury right away. But we’ve forgotten that we can do it. It has however remained encoded in our DNA and we can regain access to this power again πŸ™‚

I also learned that time and space are irrelevant in the energy work. Time is an illusion. All is just energy an everything exists right now. We just need to get into a vibrational proximity of what we want (some people call this the “law of attraction”). But vibrational proximity has nothing to do with a physical location. It is a resonance of you. Like tuning forks – when you resonate A 440 Hz, all the other A 440 Hz tuning forks start resonating as well, while the other frequencies don’t. In the same way, if you resonate with abundance, more abundance resonates with you while lack doesn’t. If you resonate with fear, … you got the idea. Therefore, you can heal people even remotely. It doesn’t matter. What we call physical reality is just a projection of the consciousness and we are all different frequencies of the same consciousness.

Psychic abilitites

Other books that I put my hands on were Auras and Unleash Your Psychic Powers by Embrosewyn Tazkuvel. This author is a very advanced soul (souls like him usually don’t even incarnate on Earth any more as they’ve already mastered majority of its aspects) and this gave him advantage of having a very short learning curve for all the psychic abilities you can possibly think of. Telepathy, seeing auras, telekinesis, molding matter, working with chi known in martial arts etc. His books are inspiring as well as a bit outrageous as he makes it look so simple and often almost “misuses” the powerful abilities just to have fun or explore it. Anyway, there he is – a living example of paranormal possibilities being very real.

Somavedic and the power of crystals

Somavedic Medic Ultra

I was introduced to Somavedic by my mother when she was describing being at one of the psychics in the Czech Republic. Without being told anything about it, she noticed the device and on her table and asked “I can’t help it and I can’t explain, but your lamp feels so good! What is it?”. She didn’t need to say anything else and I knew that it must be something, as otherwise it wouldn’t have drawn my mom’s attention completely by itself.

I will introduce Somavedic in its own post later. But these beauties were the first quantum technology that I put my hands on. Why do I call it “quantum” technology? Because it very reliably leverages some non-physical properties of this reality.

In very short, it creates a healthy and very supportive multi-dimensional environment for your growth despite all the (hopefully) unconscious attempts of modern society to make us sick πŸ˜€ It helps with making people healthier, grow faster on all levels and generally to rise the vibes around it.

When I bought my first Somavedic Green Ultra, I loved it so much that I felt being drawn to sharing information about this master helper in North America. As it turned out, we didn’t stay only with sharing the information and we have become the first official distributors for North America:

“What can I say except You’re welcome!”

Maui, Moana movie πŸ˜€

Since Somavedic leverages properties of crystals and precious metals and because its effects are so reliable that by 2019 it has obtained 5 certificates from 3 independent scientific institutions and since I could feel its effects pretty much instantly, it was a good enough proof for me that there really is something more to crystals than just being a nice decoration. And this started my interest in Quantum Physics.

Opening my eyes

Until this time I knew there was far more to life than what meets the eye. But I still lived quite well grounded to the physical world. There were however more synchronicities yet to come which have changed the direction of my life forever. I have discovered Drunvalo Melchizedek and his videos and books. Drunvalo is one of the people who remembers not only his past lives, but also what he did between the lives. In fact, he claims to have about 30 – 60 seconds of a memory of being part of the Melchizedek consciousness – the one consciousness without any boundaries from which souls are born. He remembers how he traveled through the dimensions and various star systems to eventually come to our 3rd dimension to incarnate on Earth. If you prefer reading, here is a more detailed biography about him, or you can watch this video to hear it in his own words:

Drunvalo studied with over 70 different teachers and mentors from all kinds of religions and walks of life, has a technical background and degree in arts. He has dedicated his life to connecting his memories and wisdom with our science. As I saw him connecting the dots, it was one aha moment after another – “Oh so that’s what Jesus really meant when he said XYZ! Now this makes much more sense than the original interpretation!” “Oh! So that is what the pyramid was used for!” … Drunvalo was a life changer for me as he has introduced so many new aspects to my field of vision, like:

  • New information about human history on Earth, dating hundreds of thousands years back, much further then our history books teach
    • How human race was created
    • Especially fall of Atlantis and the disaster associated with it which caused majority of humanity to completely lose memory
  • New perspective on genesis and the creation of our world
  • Sacred geometry and how it is a base for all there is in this universe
  • Information about extra-terrestrials and intra-terrestrials
  • Who are ascended masters, how they came to be, where they are and what they do
  • Relationship of Music, Mathematics and Geometry with our reality and nature
  • Merkaba – the ultimate light body which allows moving with your body between dimensions and more conscious interaction with our reality
  • Planetary consciousness grid and various kinds of consciousness (Indigenous, Separation, Unity)
  • History of pyramids in Giza – who built them, why and what is special about them
  • Astronomical cycles and their influence on consciousness
  • The artificially sped up evolution currently proceeding on Earth
  • How to ascend into higher dimensions – specific steps
  • The power of ceremonies, sacred spaces and intentions
  • etc.

Here’s a nice documentary where he very briefly describes some of the basics of what I mentioned:

Note that the original Drunvalo’s video is copyrighted – I am sharing this video as i found it publicly available on YouTube, but if you want to do the right thing, I encourage you to go to become a member (I think it costs 1-time $20 or so) and you will get access to this and many more videos without Chinese subtitles and in a better quality.

A note to the Birth of a New Humanity video – according to the latest news, the unity consciousness grid has been actually finished and everything is ready for an ascension of a massive scale πŸ˜‰ We can and we will save the “world”! We already know how.

The preparations for the process itself have begun and I am proud to be one of many who work on this mission πŸ™‚

One of the Drunvalo’s primary mentors was Thoth, an ascended master who used to be the King of Atlantis for about 50,000 years and who is behind a lot of the things that are happening right now on Earth.

Awakening the Illuminated Heart

Drunvalo has founded The School of Remembering where he used to present a lot of his knowledge in all kinds of workshops. His Flower of Life workshops are now available in a more concise way as books The Ancient Secret of flower of Life Vol 1 and Vol 2 – where he describes the Sacred Geometry in a lot of details.

But I would like to highlight his current workshop – Awakening the Illuminated Heart. This is a complete course which means that it doesn’t require any previous knowledge and is a very powerful experience to go through. The workshop shows you how to activate your pineal antennas and basically activate your own halo (similarly as the Saint figures often depict), how to activate your own Merkaba light body and how exactly you can ascend to the 4th dimension when you are done with your work here πŸ™‚

Camellia Val - Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop

Here’s a lady – Camellia Val, who teaches this beautiful workshop in Burlington, Ontario, Canada and whom I can heartfully recommend:

Working with the Ascended Masters

Acended Masters are souls who used to live on Earth in the past but they learned so much about the nature of our universe that the got enlightened and spontaneously ascended to higher dimensions.

Pretty much all the historic religious figures we can read about today were or have become ascended masters – Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Thoth, Muhammad, you name them. And they are still around to help us if we know how to approach them πŸ™‚

During one of the Psychic Fairs, where we worked on introduction of Somavedic, a particular lady caught my attention. Her name is Elisabeth Rose and she is a certified hypnotherapy teacher, healer and channel. During a channeling session with her I was introduced to Joshua – the ascended master who used to be incarnated as Jesus a couple thousands years ago πŸ™‚ He and other higher beings were talking through her body directly to me. I must say that they have pretty good view “up there” πŸ˜€ They knew everything about me, even the things that I wasn’t sure about.

And so I discovered my another privilege as they confirmed to me what I am meant to become in this life. A public speaker, an educator and a spiritual leader. Despite everybody knowing me as a Software Developer, this actually resonated with my most secret desires that pretty much nobody knew about.

Later on I found another great channel – Danielle Rama Hoffman and her beautiful books. She works with many higher beings, but most closely with Thoth. The channeled books are very different from others as they are scribed multi-dimensionally. Which means that every word in it has its own purpose and is connected to Thoth’s intentions in higher dimensions which resonate with you and trigger your own memories. Furthermore, the information they carry is holographic which means that you can read them over and over and every time you read them, you get something new based on how much you have grown since the last time you read them.

Reincarnating as a Light Being Incarnate

I went through the 7 month Quantum Light Practitioner program with Thoth and Danielle which expanded my consciousness even further. And I must say – what incredible honor it is to learn from all these ultimately wise and loving beings! Thanks to the expansion with the ascended masters, I managed to incarnate my higher self into my body much more than I could imagine before and in our retreat in Egypt I have unlocked my access to the 4th and 5th dimension for me. In the same Egypt retreat, I have recognized a few people with whom I spent many past lives and it was a beautiful “galactic family” reunion.

Learning from Extraterrestrials

Thanks to Drunvalo I also encountered Darryl Anka who channels Bashar. Bashar is an Extraterrestrial first contact specialist from the race of Sassani who have been helping humanity to “mature”, heal and raise our vibration into a state when it becomes safe to publicly meet the ETs. Bashar’s teachings have had a major impact on filling in the gaps in the scientific understanding of the Law of Attraction and becoming a creator of my own reality. Later, I realized that I actually remember some “memories” from the future when I will live as a Sassani by myself. So Bashar’s education resonates very well with me. It gives meaning, reason and logic to many of my intuitive feelings of “this can be done better”!

Trailer for one of the Bashar’s transmissions.


As of January 1st 2021, I work very closely with Matias de Stefano who is famous for his memories. He can clearly remember all his past lives, including those in ancient Egypt, Atlantis, or even in other star systems. I have personally worked with him in Egypt and now I participate in his 1-year YOSOY (I AM) project. It is a free project in which Matias educates his audience on how the universe works and how we need to become coherent creators of our reality so we can fully step into our own masteries and contribute to the evolution in consciousness. I can highly recommend to check out at least his blog or Gaia series called Initiation. I particularly love working with him because he is on a very similar path as me (of an educator) and because by his example demonstrates, how to live in a true multi-dimensional abundance, in a service to the universe while following his excitement and being his true self. He also clearly demonstrates what it really means to “find the truth within” when he channels his higher self and then shares with others its wisdom.

And here is where I start my own education practice, in collaboration with my multi-dimensional self and other divine partners. I choose to blaze the trails and show others that things can be done better, that we can embrace the new paradigm of the Unity Consciousness and Unconditional Love and that we really can embody heaven on Earth here and now and in peace and joy.

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