Have you been brushing and flossing your teeth regularly and still experience issues with them? What if health of your teeth is not just about that? What if there are other things that nobody taught you about that are a bigger factor?

Teeth are one of the most misunderstood parts of our body. After some recent invasive dentist procedures, I was discouraged from continuing “healing” my teeth by making bigger holes into them just to fill them back in. When I closed the door to a traditional dentist, I was quite surprised how many other doors opened for me and I would like to share some of my interesting findings with you. The cool thing is that if you address the actual root causes, the teeth can heal spontaneously without any invasive treatment!

The power of your breath

In the “DNA and The Story of Humanity transmission”, I asked Ryok (channeled by Tyler Ellison) if he could advise any Sassani tips how we could take care of our teeth without brushing and flossing over and over, considering the whole system and not just the physical reality.

Surprisingly, he suggested that breathing exercises which are designed to oxygenate the system and designed to bring energy/chi/prana into the body would be the most effective change to heal teeth. He explained that our teeth are superficial reflection of our skeletal quality and our core. In other words, if there are any skeletal issues or we don’t have strongly nourished core, our foundation – both physically and energetically, the teeth would be the first mechanism to show this imbalance physically. So the teeth are pretty much like a dashboard that displays the state of your core structure πŸ™‚

Interacting with nature

However, for children, the breathing exercises might be too much as they are way more sensitive to any changes. So for them, being more in nature, connecting to the planet, breathing in fresh air was recommended as a better primary way. Of course, this applies to adults too and obviously it has a positive effects on pretty much everything, not just teeth. You can also check out my other post on the science of grounding to Earth.

Autumn forest

Food changes

This should be a no brainer – avoid sugar as much as you can. Sugar is inflammatory and because of its acidic effect on the body it has ability to literally chip away Calcium from the bones. This imbalance in our foundation is then reflected externally through the teeth.

The artificially refined sugar is the worst. Honey and other natural sweet sources are much better. But even with those, the less is more. I like to stick with raw fruit, berries, nuts etc. most of the time. That is sweet enough for me and in its natural form it is actually very healthy on many levels, including longevity. When eating fruit, you may find out that you don’t end up needing the sweetness that much anymore because you are actually nourishing your body properly instead of just emotion-eating that is typically connected to consuming the sugar-based products.

Make sure you eat food rich in minerals and vitamin D (another reason to get out on the sun) to really support the skeletal system and through it, the teeth as well.

Crystallized experience

It is amazing how much teeth can reveal about a person to an informed observer. Matias De Stefano mentioned in his blog post “Smile” some “hidden” insights that Ghan, his higher self, shared with us about the individual teeth:

When looking at a person from the front, the upper right part of the mouth will tell you about the role of the father in your life, your relationship with him, obedience, abandonment, betrayal, clan, exclusion and goal .

The upper left part will begin with the role of the mother in your life, your relationship with her, submission, lack of love, cheating, the Earth, the alliance and the regrets.

In the lower right, you will find combat, protection, cooperation, fraternal, frustration, society, the gestating seed and modesty.

In the lower left, you will find the sweetness, the welcome, the service, the couple, the rejection, the home, the fruit and the penance.

Ghan, channeled by Matias De Stefano

Teeth concept mapping

The information shared by Ghan is consistent with the science of bio-decodification. Here’s a chart of the individual teeth mapped to the corresponding concepts (hover over or tap the i icon to see the information related to each tooth):

Top-right quadrant

Clan, father

Top-left quadrant

Family, mother

Tooth #8 – First Incisor
Tooth #7 – Second Incisor
Tooth #6 – Canine
Tooth #5 – First Premolar
Tooth #4 – Second Premolar
Tooth #3 – First Molar
Tooth #2 – Second Molar
Tooth #1 – Third Molar (Wisdom Tooth)
Tooth #9 – First Incisor
Tooth #10 – Second Incisor
Tooth #11 – Canine
Tooth #12 – First Premolar
Tooth #13 – Second Premolar
Tooth #14 – First molar
Tooth #15 – Second molar
Tooth #16 – Third Molar (Wisdom Tooth)
Bottom teeth
Tooth #25 – First Incisor
Tooth #26 – Second Incisor
Tooth #27 – Canine
Tooth #28 – First Premolar
Tooth #29 – Second Premolar
Tooth #30 – First Molar
Tooth #31 – Second Molar
Tooth #32 – Third Molar (Wisdom Tooth)
Tooth #24 – First Incisor
Tooth #23 – Second Incisor
Tooth #22 – Canine
Tooth #21 – First Premolar
Tooth #20 – Second Premolar
Tooth #19 – First Molar
Tooth #18 – Second Molar
Tooth #17 – Third Molar (Wisdom Tooth)

Bottom-right quadrant

Job, social position

Bottom-left quadrant

Home, partner

I find that fascinating! If you experience an issue with a specific tooth, you can look at this mapping and it will tell you which are you should look into and where you likely have some unprocessed wounds. And then, if you do address these root causes, you dramatically increase the probability that the tooth will recover!

The more I understand how physical reality is just a projection of our soul – kind of like a very lucid and vivid dream, the more I understand that if I address the energy pattern that are generating the physical reality from within, then the physical reality has no choice but to follow my vibration, just like a mirror has to smile back when you smile first. That’s by the way pretty much how placebo physically works. And because time is also not linear, you can simply “fix” your vibration to a more preferable state (by “healing” yourself and making conscious coherent empowered choices) and shift to a parallel reality where you never had any issues in the first place. Yes, every single one of us is 100% capable of doing this. The only thing that is blocking us is our belief that we can’t do this. But we can! And we do. And this concept is what allows e.g. hypno-therapy to be effective πŸ™‚

Ancestral heritage


Our body is not only the physical body we can perceive with our 5 senses. Just like DNA is a multi-dimensional mechanism, each part of our body has multi-dimensional functions associated with it. So let’s not forget the spirit level of our being and its connection to teeth which represents our ancestors.

Generally, the skeletal system, the core, the foundation is a crystallization of our history, of our ancestors, of our evolution. And because teeth are like the dashboard of the skeletal system, you could experience some teeth issues which are caused by unprocessed ancestral traumas too.

To work on this level, I recommend to reach out to somebody who is familiar with this kind of work, like Past Life Regression therapists or any other experienced intuitive healers, shamans, etc. Leveraging psychedelics and plant medicine in a safe retreat environment and under qualified supervision can also greatly accelerate this kind of healing (I must admit that I have this kind of work still on my bucket list).

If you are skilled enough to consciously access your higher self or your guides by yourself, you can ask them for guidance and help yourself even on your own. But I see that at this time, most are not yet at this level and would benefit from asking somebody else for help much more.


I also couldn’t miss this year that I started “accidentally” running into the term acupuncture far more often than before without me even searching for anything like that. And just by a coincidence, when I was looking for some pictures to support this article, I have discovered this beautiful interactive application which maps each tooth to a meridian system in the body and associates them to other individual parts of our body. I will need to explore this in more details later as this was not why I wanted to write this article. But I thought I would mention it here for both my and your convenient reference πŸ™‚


All in all, I have discovered that health of my teeth is far more complex matter than just brushing and flossing them every day. I definitely acknowledge that brushing and flossing helps and is definitely better than doing nothing. Yet now with the deeper understanding of the true root causes, focusing only on the generally recommended routine feels very much like tea-spooning water out of a basement which is being flooded by a cracked plumbing.

Instead, I can focus on nourishing and supporting my foundation on all levels of my system – body, emotions and mind. I can go even further and process some of the the ancestral lineage wounds. And last but not least, I can work on increasing my vibration, so I can move easier into the preferred timelines where health issues are simply not in resonance with my state of being.

I hope this helps some of you as well. NamastΓ©.

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  1. Wow, didn’t know that teeth are actually a reflection of our soul!!! And by interacting with nature and through breath, it could improve the condition of our teeth!!! Good to know! Love the teeth concept mapping as well. Seen it for the first time! Truly amazing! Thank you sooo much for sharing πŸ™β€οΈ

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