Greetings everyone and I invite you to listen to the Human to Human podcast by Lemongrass, this time hosting me, touching topics like channeling, learning from children, breatherianism, polyamory, Sassani formula for abundant life and more 🙂

Or listen directly on Spotify.

“In this episode we talk to Michal who shares his journey and experience, his  connection to the Sassani ET race and their wisdom teachings. “

A few highlights: 

  • Why everyone is a channeler and how we receive communications.
  • The awakening of humanity and how children will be the teachers.
  • Living off the light: Michal shares his experience of extreme form of fasting. 
  • Extra Terrestrials and how they are connected spiritually and emotionally.
  • Polygamy and polyamory and it’s relation to sex and an abundance of love.
  • Higher Beings and how their feelings of love and sex are different from ours.
  • Four Sassani principles of creating an abundant and joyous life.

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