Recently, I have been working more actively on manifesting peace and I would like to invite you to help me co-create the peaceful timeline. We will be working with elements, colors, different reality levels and we will be basically crystallizing and densifying the vision into the physical reality.

This “ceremony” (or collaborative energy work if you wish) can be repeated as many times as you feel comfortable with. The more, the better. But I am grateful for every single bit of energy that you can contribute with.

Every time somebody does this, the energy grows exponentially and adds more and more to the momentum, strength and stability of this timeline.

I thank to all the ascended masters, benevolent beings of light and all of you who have (or “will have”) joined me in this powerful way – I have already seen so many of you there, across time and space, and it felt amazing!

🌱 So much gratitude, love and appreciation to all of you, dear friends πŸ¦‹

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