I love to learn from those who already know how to do the things I want to learn. And sometimes, this means that I need to go for the desired information off the planet, so I can bridge it to our society and make it more available for humans as well. Here’s a recording of my recent 1:1 session with Ryok, one of my favorite Sassani extra-terrestrial teachers, channeled by Tyler Ellison, that I made public so you can get an idea about how these interactions may look like and perhaps get inspired from the first hand too πŸ™‚

You can open the YouTube playlist, or just watch the videos here. Note: this session was recorded on October 8th 2021.

Part 1: Protection, safety, no weapons needed and the Warrior archetype

In this part, Ryok describes how the Sassani approach the idea of protection and safety. He explains how you can get into a state when you don’t even need any weapons or army and still know that you are safe. he also touches on their perspective regarding the Warrior archetype and how it can be approached differently.

Part 2: Clarification about my Egypt trip plans changes

Although this is a topic more specific to me, Ryok mentions a few good hints how to work with fear and expectations to keep moving on your path in an optimal way.

Context: I intended to be part of the Water group for the massive I AM/YOSOY project by Matias de Stefano in Egypt in February 2022, but I received a strong guidance to cancel the trip. So I was trying to receive another perspective on the information I channeled and make sure that I wasn’t channeling e.g. my subconscious fears, which can easily happen to beginner or imbalanced channels.

I still recommend this amazing opportunity and if you can participate, you’ll be happy you did. Just I personally am clearly needed somewhere else at that time πŸ™‚

By the way, I can also highly recommend to check out Matias’s blog: yosoy.red (Just switch the language to your favorite one in the language dropdown). It is full of free information from the 370-day Atlantean initiatic path that I’ve gone through with him πŸ™‚

Part 3: Self-healing and how much physical action is enough to still move into positive timelines

Ryok describes how we can move into the reality we prefer by self-healing without needing to change the people or situations around us. He explains how we cannot rush things and how much physical action is already more than enough to still move into the positive direction and future.

Part 4: COVID timelines and accelerating manifestation

In this video, Ryok helps me get an insight into my personal probable timelines and when I could be looking forward to the COVID situation to start concluding in a positive way. He also mentions what the lockdown situation is good for and how we can utilize it to our benefit so we can transform into a butterfly in the end of it.

Note that this is a reading of the current energy momentum that I have built up for myself, given my lessons that I need to learn and have already learnt as of now. Not everybody needs to be on the same time line as me because we each have our own experience and you will hear a little bit about it when he mentions “splitting the prism of realities” in which incompatible realities start moving away from one another.

Part 5: Working with soul names and kundalini

I asked Ryok to help me understand my 2 different soul names that I received through my practices and how I could use them to my benefit. I didn’t know I could have more than one, so this was a helpful insight. He also shared a simple exercise to play with the kundalini energy.

Part 6: My hybrid children and extracting DNA

In one of my previous videos I already shared how I have connected to my hybrid children. Here, I asked Ryok for more details about some of them. But I was amazed how many I actually have – so exciting! 😍 I also asked how exactly I specifically am donating my DNA to the hybridization program (I understand that this is not the same technique that all others experience).

I hope that you find the information presented just as inspiring as I did! If you would be interested in having your own session with Ryok, you can contact Tyler via FB message and simply ask him to schedule one for you.

As the Sassani say: “Our unconditional love to you” πŸ™‚

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